My office space revamped!

12:20 PM

I've been wanting to do something like this for myself for years. I had this old desk from when I was  teenager and it has been really loved and used over the years. I've been brain storming for years on what I was going to do with it and knew that I needed to think about the other furnishings that would be going with it in order to pick the right color combinations. 

Here is a before picture of my desk...

I am just loving the new colors, they are so happy and remind me of happy spring/summer days at the beach. 
If you want to learn how to make the mega magnet board or the graphic iron on cushion chair you can check out these step by step tutorials I posted previously. 

And remember to not be afraid to go bold!

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  1. I like it! What a cheerful workspace, and so simple and uncluttered!

  2. What a great space you have carved out for yourself! I love the colors. I always love the look of bold, bright colors, but I'm always afraid to jump in and do it!

  3. me too luv the colours... it is a pleasent change for sure!

  4. Awesome! what a fun space you've made Julia! You must feel so inspired to sit at your beloved desk and work on your crafts and projects!

  5. The yellow is such a happy color. Makes me feel energetic.


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