One Foxy Green Chair (DIY Tutorial)

7:00 AM

I've been so excited to show you guys this project and am so glad to finally have it up and live. This is a super fun way to re vamp an old chair and give it not only a fresh new look but also a graphic flair. I made mind for about $20 all together. 

Here is what you'll need:
Spray paint
Thick canvas fabric 
Iron on transfer paper


 1. Clean up your chair, just wipe it down to make sure there is no dirt of grime on it because the paint will peal in the places where there is dirt.  Measure your cushion and make sure you add six to eight inches to each side to make sure you get the right size of canvas fabric.

2. Remove cushion so that you can spray paint the chair.

3. Spray paint your chair in a well ventilated area (I painted mine outside) Paint a light coat over the entire chair and repeat this process four or five times keeping the layers thin for fast drying and to avoid drips. 

4. Remove nails or staples from the underneath side of the chair cushion. If they are nails, try and save the nails and re use them. Line up your fabric and use your knees to press the wood down to press the stuffing down when you nail or staple your fabric to the back of the cushion. This will make it nice and tight. Nail or staple down your fabric to the board every 1/2 inch. The more nails and staples the better. 

5.To create your graphic here is a link to a free photo and image editing program that works great and is not a trial version. It really is completely free. You can use the software to create your own Iron on image. Another thing you can do is find some great images or designs on google images to use instead of creating your own. Since the project is for your own personal use you can use just about anything you can find online. 

My cushion was bigger and in order to cover it the way that I wanted I needed to use several sheets of iron on transfer paper and piece them together afterward. 

6.Follow the iron or instructions to place your graphic design. 
7. Make sure everything is dry and cooled down before you screw the seat back on to your chair. 

And there you go, taking antique chairs to a whole other level!


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  1. You're very creative Julia. Love the color.

  2. oh my - this is so super fun and crazy cute!


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