The Gratitude Box (Featured Guest Blogger)

10:27 PM

I am flattered to be a guest on the infamous blog, Everyday Moms.
My name is Becki and I am the mother of six
and on their way to being
(Doesn't every mother feel this way?)
I don't have time for much but I try and make the time
that I have with my children special so I have started a blog called
(Click on the title above to see it!) 
This blog is to share my ideas
(as well as others I have learned from) 
My thoughts and successes and occasional failures 
with parenting, friendship, gift giving and just life in general.
We are all in this together!
For this post I have put together a few things my family is going to try for the month of November.
The first is the gratitude box.
November is the month of Thanksgiving and I think it is so important to 
express that daily so we take these 24 quotes...
 Cut them up and then place them in this Thanksgiving box (Hobby Lobby for $2.00)
and read one a day. 

We then go to our 
Gratitude Journal and write what we are thankful for that day or if the quote we read 
provoked a thought of something we were thankful for, we write that...

I am giving away TWO gratitude boxes complete with quotes to 2 lucky people.
Just become a follower on my blog and on Friday, November 5,
random numbers will pick two of my followers!
Thanks for stopping by and thank you to Everyday Moms for letting me be a part of her awesome blog!
Happy Parenting! 

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