DIY Gratitude Jar (easy family craft)

2:12 PM

Making this gratitude jar is a great way to not only make a nice table decoration for thanksgiving but also a fun way to share and focus on gratitude this month. Everything you see was purchased at the dollar store. I made mine for about just three dollars!

Candy Jar
Tag with gratitude scripture on it. 
One package of fall leaves (I found mine at the dollar tree)
Black marker.
Vinyl letters or stickers with the word Gratitude

You really can't go wrong with your gratitude jar, and these were just some suggestions on what you might like to use. The Challenge is to write on the leaves the things you and your family are grateful for. 
  • You can be writing on them all month until thanksgiving and then read it around the table. 
  • You could make it personal and just keep a pretty jar full of things you are grateful for to help you remember your blessings. 
  • You could even make it an activity on thanksgiving and invite all of your guest to help fill the jar with things they are grateful for and read them out loud over the turkey dinner. 

"Live in thanksgiving daily for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you." -Alma 34:38


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