DIY Birthday Party Hats! (featured guest blogger)

5:30 AM

Hey guys! Im Allison Dorethy, from Once upon a party!
 Im a "momprenuer" who loves making custom supplies for parties and events! :) Im married to a soldier and we have 2 year old little boy who def. keeps me busy lol! He's the reason i got into by business, every year his party comes around i love going all out and making his party a big hit ;)
I also have a blog where you can keep up with my latest projects and get coupon codes for my shop!
Today im a guest blogger for EMI and im super excited to share my tutorial with you guys!
I first started making supplies when my sons first birthday came around and i searched and searched on how to make a CONE shaped party hat and i either couldnt find one that explained it where i could understand or wasent what i was looking for!
Supplies you'll need:
Hole punch
Glue gun
2 way glue or double sided tape
2 pieces of paper/cardstock
Pom poms
Step 1: You'll need to find something round to trace, depending on what size of hat your wanting to make! I used a lid to a pan! Trace a circle on each piece of your cardstock!
Step 2: Cut the circles out!
Step 3: Use can use 2 way glue or double sided tape for this part! Put a little bit of either on one round part of the circle and attach the other circle to it, overlapping the circle a little...
Step 4: wrap the circles together in a hat shape
and hot glue the ends of the hat while holding the hat in the shape
It will look like this when your done with that part!
Step 5: cut your ribbon into small strips and glue the ends together to make them into a loop!
Step 6: Glue the ribbon to the inside of the top of the hat!
Step 7: Cut a small rectangle of tulle, scrunch it together and fold it in half...
Then glue it between the ribbon to the inside of the hat, itll look like this when done...
Step 8: Glue pom poms around the edge, right belowen the ribbons!
Step 9: Push the hat together ...
and punch holes...
Step 10: put a dab of hot glue ontop of the hole and punch an eyelet through the hole!
Step 11: (final step!) String elastic through each side and knot!
Your hat is done! :)
Hopefully this blog will be helpful to some of you! :) I had alot of fun putting it together! Be sure to stop by the blog, my etsy shop or facebook! Ill have lots of deals and specials going on throught out the holidays! :)

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