Restoring Your Body Post Pregnancy (Guest Editorial)

10:46 AM

New mothers often experience a number of personal changes following their first pregnancies. Of course, the physical toll of carrying and birthing a child is clearly enormous, and impacts the mother in a number of ways. However, many of the effects of pregnancy subside or completely go away once the child is born. However, some of the effects that tend to linger can cause a new mother to feel, abruptly, aged. Many mothers struggle with how pregnancy has changed their bodies, and feel that the stress of bearing a child causes early aging and, in some ways, physical deterioration. Fortunately, many of the changes that occur in a woman’s body due to pregnancy and childbirth can themselves be changed or done away with. One way that a lot of new mothers deal with restoring their bodies following pregnancy is by turning to “mommy makeovers” – basically, plastic surgery methods, and methods in general, designed to help new mothers to feel as young and beautiful as they did before having their children. If you are a mother seeking to change your body and reverse some of the negative effects of pregnancy, you may want to check out, which has a number of tips related to popular “mommy makeover” procedures such as breast augmentation or tummy tucks. However, if these sorts of relatively invasive surgeries aren’t for you, there are also more simple procedures that can help you to regain confidence in your physical appearance. One thing that many new mothers decide to do is to “smooth out” their faces and get rid of any wrinkling that has occurred. While this wrinkling is not a direct result of pregnancy or childbirth, it is still a sign of aging, which is something that a lot of new mothers would rather not show. There are a number of simple methods for dealing with facial wrinkles that might be appealing to new mothers, and particular those new mothers who find the methods listed above to be too drastic or severe. For example, botox and collagen injections can go a long way toward causing wrinkles to subside, or even disappear. For that matter, facelifts are relatively simple plastic surgery procedures as well, and are certainly worth considering. Of course, there are also natural ways to regain the body that you had before your pregnancy. With very strict dieting and exercise, you can certainly get back into at least comparable shape to what you may have been in before your pregnancy. However, if you are still showing signs of aging, or you simply can’t seem to get all the way back, some of the methods listed in this article may be for you. Just remember that there is no shame in wanting to look the same as you did 9 months ago!

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  1. I know that this was a sponsored post, but it feels very foreign to the rest of your content here at EMI.

  2. Wow...I find this post kind of offensive.

  3. oh its ok! it just wasnt what I was expecting when I read the title ya know? you gotta do what ya gotta do. I dont know all the legalities of blogs and sponsors but maybe you could add fine print at the bottom like channels do for infomercials? something like** the opinions and views expressed in this post do not reflect the opinion of EMI** ????

  4. oh and thank you. :) I just started doing photography so I love getting compliments on it. :)

  5. I too feel this does not fit your blog and was a bit taken back. I love being a mommy, even if that does entail aging. After all I really would not want to be a teen mom, it is hard enough when I am in my early 30's.

  6. cardio exercise can sometimes to the trick and a little some of those abs crunch and strict diet. thank god I have a wide hips..


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