Our Summer Roundup

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This is a picture I took when I woke up one morning to find my dog snoozing upside down with the strangest  "grin" Our dog is such a nerd. 

You know when you have those moments of realization as a parent were you get a glimpse of what your future may look like... this is one of  them. This is one out of four girlfriends my son has right now. We have recently realized that our six year old is quite the ladies man. nice.

This is where my son said his first swear word that we didn't even know he knew. While we were waiting for the Manti pageant (Huge Mormon Play) to start we were letting our boys play angry birds on our phones when My six year old yelled out "$#!T" ... good times.

They worked so hard for two days to fill out their Jr. ranger packets and we're thrilled to finally get sworn in as Jr. Rangers. To this day they randomly tell people they are Jr. Rangers

We bought this house seven years ago and we planned on living here in this house for the rest of our lives and slaved away the beginning of this summer to landscape our backyard and add a brand new play set for our boys when my husband got a really great job offer and we ended up having to move across the state.
Its only been two months and we are really missing our house. 

This was the summer my boys learned how to ride their bikes. We had bought them bikes two Christmases ago and the training wheels were awful for the bikes have been sitting in our closets most of the time in two years and they are finaly getting the use they were meant for. What an incredible thing to watch your kid ride a bike for the first time. 

I like to go on an activity for my birthday instead of getting presents or a party and this year I chose to go river tubing down the Provo canyon river. It was a blast! But somehow we got tube rash on both our arms and it burned like crazy for three days then it scabbed all up. I had these huge scaps going up both my arms for church that week. It looked like I had a really bad accident and I had to keep explaining it. 
Tip: if you ever go tubing bring a paddle, so you don't have to use your arms to paddle and get tube burn. 

So your thinking to yourself "wow that place looks beautiful!" well yes at the cost of a four mile hike then you get there and the smell is horrendous from the sulfur the few pools that you can soak in are slimy with gross black stuff and you have to leave by five o clock if you don't want you children subjected nudest.  But  we did get some pretty pictures.

This is at Trafalga in Lehi UT. My six year old was thrilled he would get to drive one of these boats all by himself. Little did we know how good he would be at it. As soon as dad got in his boat My six year old started shooting him in the head with the water spray and didn't relent. They were soaked!

At the beginning of the summer I really wanted a tan and had never tanned outside of a tanning salon before so I spent most of the day outside tanning. It was barely even 80 degrees outside and it was kind of windy so I was a bit cold and couldn't tell that I was getting tan or not five hours later I gave up and came inside and took a shower. By the time I got out of the shower I started turning a strange color of red. 
I spent the next two days in a bathing suit whining in agony not leaving my house. 

This summer I also attended my 10 year class reunion. I was a wreck during the weeks before this event. My high schools years were not so great and I had found out none of my high school friends were attending. I almost didn't go like 100 times but I'm so glad I did. I was surprised to find that people who I thought were popular a well liked were also nervous and we all had grown up so much in 10 years and most of us were even parents. 

A lama moved in next door to the delight of my five year old. He finally got up the courage to try to feed the lama some weeds and the lama came over and smelled the weeds and walked off. So My five year old son kept following the lama back and forth across the fence and the lama kept walking off all snooty like and even showing its back to my little boy like it was beneath him to eat such garbage. 

One of the things I like about our new town is that there is a beautiful art museum here that puts on different exhibits every couple of months. I loved getting to bring my boys and exploring the museum with them. They each picked thier favorite painting that day and had their picture taken with it. I just love days like that. 

This summer my husband flew on a plane for the first time in his life. And they gave him the star treatment. He got randomly selected for a special search and everything. And the plane experienced some advanced turbulence as well just for him. Strangely enough he wasn't put off flying from this trip, but I sure was. 

We were fortunate enough to get to go on a big family trip to the four corner this year with my husbands family. Our favorite thing had to be getting to see Mesa Verde! That is a must see place in your life time. Amazing!

One of the biggest laugh out loud moments this summer was when we put on a July 4th BBQ and bought the new Micheal Jackson Dance video game for the wii. It is just to much fun! My husband and one of his closest friend did a dance duet for us all. My favorite part was when they had to do the crotch grab motion. He he!

This is the kitten that broke the mold. He like to do things his own way apparently. He really did nurse like this the whole time. Apparently our cats are nerds to. 

I would have to say though that our number one thing that happened this summer was our vacation to San Francisco! If you haven't been...go! There so much to do and it really is a great family vacation spot. There was so much to do here and it is really beautiful.  Plus the old hippies and pot smokers don't hang out in the touristy spots anymore. 

So that was our summer more or less but it was a wonderful one and I'm sad to see it go especially when it snowed yesterday and its only October. A part of me really doesn't want to let go of summer and yet another part of me really loves getting to wear my leather boots with my new cute jacket. 

So goodbye summer 2011 you were good to us and we love you. 


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  1. Your pictures had be both cracking up but kinda emotional. It made me think of the memories I made with my family this summer and the adventures I had. I really need to document them before I forget.

  2. Loved this post Julia...what with all the photos and memories of summer! And yes, some of those photos are priceless indeed! Glrad you had a great summer!

  3. I love your blog! :) I became a new follower! Erin


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