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So if you haven't been following... I recently posted about making Vision Boards and how this was my first one I've ever made. I actually thought that vision boards were some silly sort of mind over matter hoopla reserved for hippies and the like. (Not that I have anything against hippies) 

But it turns out to be quite a down to earth approach for achieving success in your life, what ever the goals. And In fact I was taught how to make one of these boards by my very down to earth teacher who has two bachelor degrees in business. So there you go. 

I ended up enjoying making my vision board so much that I decided to teach my cute little family how to make their very own. 

This is my five year old's vision board that he made entirely by himself. I first had them write down on a piece of paper What they wanted to learn, do, have and be in their life and in their future. Then they had to look in magazines for some photos that would go with their particular dream. If they couldn't find a picture they could just draw it on the vision board. 
The result: My five year old wants to be a movie maker when he grows up, he wants to graduate from something and it doesn't really matter what he graduates from just as long as he graduates from something. He want to learn karate, the piano and how to cook. He also want's Halloween to be apart of his future.  

My six year old wants to be a good Studier and Dad. He wants to be a boss builder and an artist at the same time. He wants to visit New York, Las Vegas and Canada some day on a field trip. And wants to own a motorcycle and play on a basketball team with his dad. 

There were a few things that suprised me with my husbands... You would think after a decade of being married there is little left to be learned but we are constantly growing and evolving. My husband wants to be a part owner of the Dolphins football team, have a daughter some day, and write a book about fiction (biggest surprise). He also wants to Travel all over (Me too)have fancy old cars and learn to play the violin. He even left room for in case he forgets anything.

Verdict: Usually when we make arts and craft project we wish we didn't because there is a huge mess and everyone gets frustrated at one point or another but this project was different. First of all I made sure I was just there to help when asked too and I didn't try to correct anyone's spelling or make remarks or suggestions on their choices of aspirations. (Which was harder than it sounds) There was no wrong way to make them and we were focusing on such a positive subject that applied  to everyone in the family. (Everyone has dreams no matter their age). Where they get to sit down and plan out there dreams. This would put anyone in a good mood. My five year old turned to me while we were cleaning up with a big smile and said "This was a fun activity, Mom!" 

We are now planning on doing this once a year. It will be interesting to see how their focus changes over the years. I will definitely be keeping the old ones.


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  1. That sure turned out into a fun family activity. Maybe I can convince my DH to make one too,I'd love to see what other dreams he has...

  2. It's more of like a photo wall with all your family's memories.


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