Advertise your site at EMI for just $5 a month!

5:00 AM

If you buy ad space during the month of October you get a whole months worth of advertising for just five dollars!
This is a great deal especially for those of you who are blogging on a budget. You can have your bloggy button up on the top of my sidebar for just five bucks. That's a third of what you would pay normally. 

To purchase a premium ad space spot just email me (Julia) at and attach the image, text, and/or links you would like to go along with your ad. And then I will send you a secure paypal request. As soon as I receive you payment your ad will be placed in a top spot on my sidebar for 30 days. 

If you have any question, I'd be happy to help so feel free to email me any time. 


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  1. I used another one of your digi kits for a layout. It turned out super cute I think!!


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