Square Knotted Leather Bracelet Tutorial

4:00 AM

I am just loving all the leather inspired accessories I'm seeing for this fall season and was inspired to make this leather bracelet using some very simple square knots. You can make your own square knotted leather bracelet with this step by step craft tutorial.

5ft. of leather/fo leather cord (you can find at any craft store)
chain and lobster clasp (optional)

1. Measure and cut a piece of cord around your wrist twice adding an extra inch and a half. Take this cord and the remaining  cord and fold the two pieces in half and tie the middle parts into a simple loop. 

2. divide the short pieces into the middle and the long pieces to the outside. You are going to tie the long pieces around the short pieces. 

 This is really quite simple once you get started with the square knots. 

3. Bring the right leather strip left over the top of the short leather strips in the middle. Now bring the left strip over the top of the right strip and behind the leather strips in the middle now pull that left leather strip through the loop of the right leather strip. 

here is a little diagram...
4.  after you get the first knot done now reverse the knot pattern and start with the left leather strap.

5.  Continue to tie your square knots back a forth until you get to the end. If you would like to add a braid for the second loop just tie off one of the leather straps when you get half way down the bracelet and continue the rest of the bracelet with a braid. 

6. Tie off the bracelet when you get to the end and cut off any extra length. You can now add a clasp if you want to make it look a bit more professional or just tie in a bulky knot at the end to use to fasten through the loop at the beginning of your bracelet. 

This style is very similar to the hemp bracelet but with a different medium than hemp or twine. I think the braid  adds a nice touch as well. The great this about this bracelet is that you can use different things. Think outside the box and try this with old shoelaces or even strips of pretty patterned fabric. 


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  1. Hi Julia, thanks for this tutorial. This is getting pinned to my DIY board! sending you hugs...

  2. I remember doing this stuff as a pre-teen! Very cool.

    And is that a Scentsy warmer I see in the background? LOL.

  3. I love these in leather. A friend of ours makes these with survival rope but I love this way!!! So cute!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  4. I made the bracelet as per instructions and sizing but the finished item was very small, so will make another with a lot added.

  5. Awesome tutorial, gorgeous!
    !this bracelet is so beautiful! great job.. i like it..

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