Revamp The Love Note Part-1

5:00 AM

After being married for nine years, out of necessity my hubby and I have become more creative in not only how we date each other but in how we express our love. While a quick post it note with I Love You on it is sure nice I can't tell you how it warms my heart when I know that my husband has put a little bit more effort into a date or a love note. 

So here is a simple idea to add a little something extra into your next love note to your spouse.
Turn your love letter into a fun little puzzle! 
You can use this puzzle printout to write your letter on. Then cut out along the lines of the puzzles and put the pieces in an envelope... even better, mail it to your sweetheart with no return address. 

Puzzle Love Note Background


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  1. we have to be logged in ( Facebook , etc .. ) to d/l this ... :-( no way , make it simple pls

  2. It is truly so crucial to try new things to keep our relationships fun...thanks for the cute idea :)


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