Candy Grams (Revamp The Love Note Part-2)

5:00 AM

Another great way to add a little pizzazz to your next love note is to turn it into a candy gram. A candy gram is basically a regular love note themed around a fun candy or candy bar. 
Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Candy Grams To Husbands:
Mr. Goodbar
  • Why your my Mr. Goodbar
  • If you were a candy you would be my Mr. Goodbar
  • I'm nuts over you

Big Hunk
  • Your still a Big Hunk to me even after all these years
  • To: my Big Hunk
  • A big hunk for my Big Hunk
  • The Top Five Reason Why Your My Big Hunk

Bit O Honey
  • You add a little Bit O Honey to my life just for being in it.
  • I'll always be your Bit O Honey
  • I'm the bee to your Bit O Honey

  • Weather Sweet or Tart I'll always love you
  • I hope we will always be Sweet-tarts

Life Saver
  • Through thick and thin you've always been my Life Saver
  • Life Savers for my Life Saver
  • Why your my Life Saver

  • When I married you I thought to myself “Skor!”
  • You Skor an A+ with me   

I made one of these for my husband and he loved it. So I hope you have fun with this one. 


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  1. Great idea to do for my hubby!! I can sneak it in his lunch box. I think doing something like this would be great for the kids too.


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