3 Ways to Use Plants in Home Design

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Guest Blogger: Pasha Lubeck

When I moved to my new apartment in California very recently, the only things I brought with me were the essentials: clothes, photographs, some of my artworks, and a few pieces of furniture, plus the toys of my kids. I’m a single mom of two adorable boys, by the way. You can just imagine how much effort I have to exert to manage our household properly being the only adult in the house.  

In this situation, many would find it difficult to keep a new home organized, not to mention pleasant-looking. But one thing I know that can instantly beautify my personal abode – plants! 
Nature works like magic, and greeneries can make wonders to any dull and boring homeBased on experience and research, here are three tips on how to incorporate plants into any decorating scheme: 

  1. 1. Know the style of your home before buying plants. Plants work best if its form complements the structure of your home’s interior design. According to Cynthia Brian, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul, the type of plant you must buy should be in harmony with the design style of your home.[Footnote] 

This means that if your home has a modern contemporary style, choose plants that have sleek and clean lines. These plants usually have long and lean shapes. Ferns look great with old-style houses; say Victorian, American, or European. Cacti are perfect with Southwestern style homes. In short, avoid buying plants that would look too foreign in the rooms of your home.  

  1. Think of balance and harmony. Aside from considering the design style of your home, you must also think of its size and capacity. We don’t want to place a Traveller's Palm in the middle of your living room, do we? We want the plants to blend with your home environment. It does not only keep harmony in your home, it also boosts the architectural quality of your space by making your home closer to nature. 

Choose plants that are of the right size for your home. This means you must be able to move around the room or walk along the hallway without the leaves or the pots blocking your path. Place them in strategic locations. Plants with long leaves can be placed at the corners of your room. Small-potted plants can be placed on top of your coffee table. You may also refrain from buying thorny cacti if there are kids at home. This way, your home would still look spacious as the flow of positive and natural energy remains uninterrupted. 

  1. Take good care of your plants. According to Feng Shui experts, plants must be kept healthy and placed strategically in your home to invite positive energy.[Footnote] Regardless if you believe in Feng Shui or not, taking care of your plants is already given. Some plants may need to be watered more frequently or be exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. Some are better placed outdoors than indoors. For this reason, when you buy your plants, it is advisable to ask your vendors on tips on how to care for them. They are the experts and they are your best resources if you need advice or help. 

Healthy plants do not only attract positive energy; they also provide a healthy living environment in your home. A greener home provides ample amount of oxygen that we all need to live. They work like sponges by absorbing harmful toxins and pollutants from the air we breathe. According to the website www.homeinterior-design.com, indoor plants can filter air pollutants that are emitted from the electronics that we use at home, such as computers, heaters, and air conditioners.[Footnote]  

These are just few of the countless benefits we can get from plants. With such decorative and health gainsthere is practically no excuse why we should not include them in our next shopping list. 

About the Author: 
Pasha Lubeck is a 30-something Green advocate, proud Vegan and history buff. She is a part-time employee at Kichler Superstore and a full-time hands-on mom to two beautiful boys. With experience in interior design, Pasha hopes to help make the world Greener, one home at a time.

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