Today Is My 28th Birthday

4:02 AM

One of the biggest things I'm learning to do this year is being more true to myself. Finding the balance between being polite and having good manners and no longer hiding big chunks of who I am. I had developed this survivor instinct to put on a happy face and try to please everyone and in so doing so somehow I started isolating myself  and being self deprecating. So today I am going to celebrate who I am and in the process love myself a little bit more. And to celebrate this I am going to list five things I don't want you to know about me. 

Five Things I Don't Want You To Know About Me

1. My new neighbor sent her little boy over to give us a fresh out of the oven loaf of zucchini bread and when I opened the door he accidentally dropped it. I helped him pick up the bread and thanked him. When I came back inside to throw the bread away I dusted off a piece and ate it. (It was really good.)

2. I am a Democrat and a Mormon. I voted for Obama and am still glad I did. I also respect what any political party has to say and am open to hearing everyone's opinions. And if I find a republican candidate that I think will make a great president I would vote for him. 

3. My kids are NOT my whole world. They are not even majority of my whole world. They are a part of it. I am a complicated human being and enjoy lots of my roles. And motherhood is just one of them. While I give them 100% and am a stay at home mom, I make sure I get "me" time once a day and date night with my hubby once a week is a must. And will not feel empty and useless when my kids start school this week. 

4. I play practical jokes on my kids and husband regularly and look forward to April Fools every year so I can be let loose. And (appropriate) scary stories around the campfire are a must... But I also love giving heart to heart talks about the serious things in life. 

5. Most of the time I only shave my legs up to my knee's except for special events like swimming and my wedding anniversary. ;) and sometimes for my birthday for a little extra giddy up in my step.  

So here is to me turning 28 and hope I can leave my twenties with a bang these last two years and may my twenty eighth year be a year of healing, growth and love and a few more shaved leg events. 


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  1. Happy birthday!

    It's fun to share those little bits of you! Keep celebrating the real you!

  2. Awesome! Good for you. Enjoyed reading them, smile.

  3. I do the leg shave thing too.

  4. Hi Julia, happy birthday sweetie! Will definitely be hoping that you receive so many more blessings in the years to come! hugs & kisses!

  5. one day late but happy birthday :)

  6. happy bday! that's so much fun!

    ps. I sent you an email... did you get it?



    Reading all this facts about you--I think we would be good friends. Though, I can still be friends with people that don't share some of those things, it would be fun to have a friend that did. ;)

  8. A little late but... Happy happy birthday ! Just stay as you are. Thanks for all your ideas, your jokes and all the things i'm happy to find here. Have a nice 28th year !


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