My scrapbook pages after over a year of not scrapbooking!

10:09 AM

What kind of scrapbooking blog doesn't scrapbook her own pictures for over a year? A clumsy one. A little over a year ago a dropped my beautiful external hard drive on the floor. It had everything on it! All my blog logo's, scrapbooking kits, and years of family photos. 

Needless to say I went to my room and cried like a little girl. One year and a load of money later I finally got my hard drives contents back!!! And I am back to scrapbooking. I think I'm a bit rusty but these are some of my favorites I've done so far. What do you think?


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  1. i think they're great!

    also, i think i would cry multiple times for DAYS if that happened to me!

  2. Hi Julia, I'm happy that you got your photos a.k.a treasures back! and your scrappin' inspiration too. What fun pages you've come up with, I specially love the "pose for the camera" page, your sons are getting handsome-r by the day! :)

  3. You have such an awesome style! I looooooooove it!

  4. Im happy you got your pictures and such back, can only imagine how it must have felt like. Welcome back to scrapbooking and awesome creations you made


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