Our new adventure begins!

9:55 AM

Just a short week and a half ago my hubby got the phone call that would rock our little world here in southern Utah. He beat out over 50 people interviewing to be a counselor for the juvenile detention center in a much larger city two hours away. And we had two weeks to get everything in order. 

Now FYI... We have owned our own home for seven years in a small town with a population of 500 people. There is only one house on our entire block that is not for sell. Worst time to sell our house ever in the history of this town. 

So within five minutes of getting the phone call my hubby and I went for a long walk to wrap our heads around this situation and began talking about the the things we needed to do in order to move. What towns are we willing to live in, what kind of house we need to get, what to do with our house in a horrible market, are we willing to live apart for a while until we sell our house, should we have a yard sell, and how we are going to get the money for all this... We decided first thing first... say a family prayer together. 

First day of house hunting made me cry... its so hard to find a house to rent when you have a dog and two cats in a decent part of town for a reasonable price.

But things started looking up when someone knocked on our door to see our house before we had even hired a Realtor! They loved our house right away and wanted to do a rent to own lease for one year and then buy our house. Which was perfect for us!

Then the next night I couldn't sleep from stress of finding the right house for our family that I decided to check the classified ads one more time and there is was! It had all our specifications and more. After waking up my husband to show him the pictues and soon fell asleep with a glimmer of hope. first thing in the morning we called for an appointment to see the house. The next day we drove the two hours to the house and loved it. We took the kids to dinner after the showing and they called us right then to let us know that if we want the house to come by and sign the papers before we headed back home!!! I don't think my husband and I have been that giddy all year. 

So somehow (in this crazy economy with people loosing their jobs and homes left and right) within 10 days we were able to get a great new job with wonderful benefits, sell our home and get into a new one with everything we want. This kind of stuff never happens to me... ever! I usually have to get through all life's road bumps the hard way.  My heart is filled with so much gratitude and we feel so blessed and can't help feel that this was meant to be and someone is looking out for us. 

Here is some pictures of our new home.


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  1. So happy for you! You deserve to have something work out without a "bump"!

  2. Ohh wow, i get some hope for my own situation reading this post!! Just amazing how things can turn around!!! Loved it, and loads of hugs for ya!!

  3. What a blessing! I'm so glad it's all working out for you :)

  4. Wow, that is truly wonderful! Everything was in God's plans :) So nice to hear such a happy story. Congratulations!

  5. Dear Julia, I'm so glad for your news. Maybe this was "meant to be"...what with plans falling into place like this. I loved that you prayed about it at the outset...and now you've off to a great start. God bless all your future plans, and congrats to the DH for the new position. :) Hugs!

  6. WOW
    Sooooo jealous. I love a fresh start like that!! What a beautiful place. Love the floors

  7. That house looks gorgeous. What an exciting new adventure! See, sometimes good things happen to good people.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  8. Congratulations on everything. God answered your prayers!

  9. What a huge blessing to be able to find such a nice house and have your old one taken care of! So glad it's all working out for you and your family.


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