LDS Game Show - Our Embarrassing Home Movie Titled "Choose The Right"

9:37 AM

My family and I made this game show movie four years ago for family home evening. It was a blast writing the script and getting to play the part. Even my two little boys make an appearance. I'm the announcer's voice, director and camera man. I also make an appearance with my sister as the half time entertainment. We are the go-go sisters. And my lovely husband is the game show host. The two contestants are my brothers. This is one of my favorite memories with my siblings where we got to be complete nerds.

So now for your viewing pleasure and our complete embarrassment I hope you enjoy. 


Thanks to scan digital I was able to get this video tape converted and put on my hard drive so I could make digital copies of it and edit the movie myself. I made DVD's of this home movie and and gave them as gifts to my siblings. We had a ton of old home movies from before getting a digital camera. So Its been wonderful having all those movie's in digital format now. They also make them into DVD's for you as well. I also plan on making some more DVD's for other members of my family and give them out as Christmas present this year.

I was also able to get to see my wedding video for the first time ever. My wedding video had such bad tracking that I couldn't see most of my video. And Scan digital fixed all that. Plus they did it in a timely manner and packed all my stuff back to me safely. I would definitely use them again in the future. 


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