Amazing 3D learning adventure world for young kids (Giveaway)

7:24 AM

I love all things Jump Start, especially their online 3D game world for kids that promotes learning and developing skills in a fun video game-like world. 

Jump start recently came out with an additional game world called Math Blaster and my kids and I were thrilled to be able to explore it the last couple of months. And this opportunity came just in time for summer so it has been a perfect tool in helping my two boys keep fresh the things they learned in school. 

" was created to compliment the learning and adventure-based virtual world we provide at, while helping kids strengthen their math skills.  By combining math practice and thrilling interactive space missions, helps kids see the fun in math and learning. In the Math Blaster galaxy, kids can explore a futuristic world, voyage to strange new planets and discover wacky alien races, all while practicing their math skills." -People at math blaster

In my opinion Jump Start sets the bar in all learning games for young kids period. Their virtual game world surpasses any learning video game out there that I have ever came across. 

Math Blaster continues to uphold Jump Starts quality with its huge variety of math related games. My six year old says his favorite game is the alien wrangler, he thinks the alien like snail is hilarious. And My Five year old says his favorite is any game where he can shoot things with his alien gun. 

Unlike video games, Jump Start worlds are always changing and evolving from new games and added sections to the world changing depending on the season. There is always something new and exciting for the kids. 
Any of Jump Start Virtual Worlds is completely worth your time and money. And I believe to be a better investment than any video game out there for kids. What's also great is that you can also check out any of Jump Start's worlds for FREE!  Full membership is just $7.99 a month for up to six kids. And includes All of jump start and a bonus second membership to Math Blaster.

Jump Start is giving one of you lucky EMI readers a Six Month Premium Membership to Math Blaster! (No Strings Attached!)

Here is how to enter to win:

Leave a comment and share with us how you try to keep your kids from forgetting what they learned in school during these summer months.
  • Open to ALL!
  • Giveaway Ends Sunday July 24th  at midnight. (Mountain standard time) 
  • Random winner will be selected through
Good Luck! 

Congratulations to Deb!!!


 Disclosure: I was provided with a membership good for Math Blaster and Knowledge Adventure at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

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  1. Looks like tons of fun!

    My kids are required to do 20 minutes of reading (scriputres, a book, on their ipods, or in a magazine), and 20 minutes of math practice (IXL or Xtra math on the computer).

    We also practice cooking (reading recipes, measuring, meal planning), go on adventures (museums, libraries, etc.), and they are taking swimming lessons, piano lessons, and guitar lessons to help them remember how to follow teacher directions (as well as learn how the skills that come from lessons), along with playing baseball (team cooperation, listening, rules) and having play days with their friends.

    It's been a very busy summer, but really fun!

    As a teacher, I sent home a packet of math fact drills and reading fluency sheets with my first graders so they would have some reading and some math practice everyday during the summer. :)

  2. i give them homework. 5 days a week. yes. in the summer. i'm one of those moms.

    yay for an awesome giveaway!

  3. We read 20 mins a day, use Reading, and one of my friends offered to tutor my son 2x a week to keep up on his skills :) We have used other Jump Start curriculums and loved them! I am so excited to know they have a math program :)

  4. I purchase a summer activity book every summer. It has activities of what they have learned and also bridges them for the next grade. My boys also sign up for the summer reading program through our local library and we read every day.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and the opportunity.

  5. At the beginning of the summer, I was doing thrice-weekly math worksheets, twice-weekly math timed tests, and tons of reading. While we're still making regular trips to the library and doing a lot of reading, we have completely lost our direction with the math. It just seemed to become too time-consuming to set an at-home math curriculum with any amount of continuity, and print out worksheets that would correspond with the timed tests, etc. From the boys' side, they just seemed to find it painful, and were performing WELL below where they had during the school year. A computer-based math program would probably be a GREAT deal more appealing to them!

  6. We do reading here-- which isn't hard because my kid loves to read. Math I sneak in without him realizing through cooking and other daily activities. He also needs math to play some of his favorite games. But I would love something more rigorous and engaging for him.

    Now, if only writing and grammar was so easy. We do letters and emails to friends and family during the summer, but he wants to do internet shorthand. So we are working when that is appropriate and when its not: peers, okay, adults, not okay.


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