What sound effects, sponge bob, and gum has taught me about motherhood!

9:58 AM

Sound effects are a useful tool in motivating young children to do what you want them to do. Ive learned All body actions can have a coordinating sound effect and that sometimes when your finally around grown up's the occasional sound effect may come out.
Sponge Bob promotes creepy laughter in small children.

The Nick Jr. Channel is my hero. If it wasn't weird I would send it a greeting card or take it out for lunch. I have that much affection for it.

Not to let my boys play in the sandbox until the end of the day so I only have to bath them once.

Gum is of the devil.

Toddler + Fish Tank = Drama

Keeping your kids engaged in activities and out of trouble for one full day is a learned skill, a talent, and most of the time a miracle.

I think my husband's favorite thing about going to church is that it is the one day a week when my hair is done, my makeup is on, and my clothes don't have mysterious spots of goo on them. In truth that's my favorite thing about going to church too.

Ive also learned that even when I think I've had it and I want to go and cry in my closet I know all I need to rejuvenate are my kid's tiny little arms around my neck.


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  1. In our family of mostly adults, sound effects spice up most conversation,and we laugh when we catch each other doing it! Love your post Julia. :)

  2. This post cracked me up. Isn't motherhood entertaining :)

  3. aw, very funny and very sweet. Happy SITS girlie!
    That Memories of Mom scrapbook has beautiful stuff in it. And I will definitely keep you in mind when I'm looking for printables.
    Enjoy your day in the spotlight!


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