May's "What You've Been Up 2" -2011

2:40 AM

This is the largest submissions yet! A big thank you to all of you who sent me emails and links to their projects that they have been making with my free kits! They are so fun for me to see and encourage me to keep making free kits for you all to enjoy. 

Scrapbooking page created with my "Dwelling Place" kit 

Alison made this super cute thank you card using my yellow circular paper from my "Just My Type" kit. 

CW at CW's Blogg created this page with my "Memory Of A Mother" Kit.

A fun blog design by Sara Fink! She used elements from my "Backyard Play" kit. 

Alison made these clever water bottle favors using my yellow circular paper from my "Just My Type" kit

Blog Background designed by the boutique window at using my "Just My Type" kit

Beautiful blog design by Vanessa's Home
Great scrapbook page layout and design by Cerise at  Craft Cherry
using my "Lil' Monster" kit

This cute Christmas page is by Kelly 
She used: "Lil Monster Kit" - Red Swirl  "Happiest Season of All" Kit.

These next three pages were created by Tia at
This page was created with my "Dwelling Place" kit

Created with my "Creative Critter" kit
This page was made with my "Sleepover" kit. 

This was created with my "Foodie" kit by Hanni aka Spat from Berlin, Germany,
Funny comic-strip-like post by Carrie using some elements from my "Fast and the furiest" kit

Keep sending your creations in to everydaymomideas@hotmaildotcom


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