A little Latin Lover In Us All (Date Night Idea)

10:02 AM

Sometimes we just need to heat things up with our date night... by way of a little SALSA! This is one of my favorite At-Home date activities. My husband and I rent our favorite salsa dance instructional DVD from Netflix, pick out a great Latin inspired recipe and get cooking!

Did you know that Netflix had dance DVD's? We love trying to learn this fun party dance together. Neither one of us can salsa dance very well but its so fun and a great way to reconnect. And the date is full of laughter. One of our favorite, easy recipe's we like for this date is chicken fajitas! Here is a easy recipe link

Remember, part of creating a strong family and home is to make sure you have a strong loving marriage. I once heard someone say that the best thing you can do for your kids is to be a good spouse.  

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  1. That's such a good idea. When we were engaged we decided that we wanted to learn to dance for our wedding. We had a great time having "fancy" dinners, followed by ballroom dancing in our living room.

  2. No way! I'm totally gonna look up some on netflix for my queue! great idea!!!

  3. haha - sounds fun but there is no way my husband would go for an impromptu salsa class... even at home! but the rest sounds fun!


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