Our San Fransisco Adventure

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We just recently got back from our annual family vacation. This year we chose San Fransisco. Once a year my husband and I take our kids on a week long vacation, and no one else is invited. Its a great time for us to re connect as a family and create some lasting memories.
I think this USS ship tour is highly overlooked by tourist and is totally worth the time to tour and explore. Plus part of "Titanic" was filled in this ship.

My son's favorite thing was riding the trolly's across downtown while dad hung out for dear life on the side. 

One of my favorite things we did was rent a paddle boat and paddle around a lake in the Golden Gate Park.

We also went to a hands on learning center for all ages called the Exploritorium.

While this picture is picturesque we only stayed for less than an hour because it was so windy and cold. But we did get this great photo.

Alkatraz was my husbands favorite stop on our vacation. We both were impressed with the digital audio tour and even the kids had fun learning about the prison. 

I would have to say the museum on modern art is really not a destination for a family friendly vacation with little kids. My six year old was getting new ideas for some art projects while my five year old and husband just wanted to get the heck out of there. 

But there was this cute heart.

China town is the perfect place to go if your in the mood to spend some serious cash. I don't think there was much of a bargain here but there were plenty of stores to go around. 

Muir Woods is a beautiful place but unfortunately we went and toured the famous "Trees Of Mystery" (Paul Bungon Redwood fores)t just two years ago and it was quite impressive. Muir woods does have a lot of interesting history and tons of hiking trails. 

Twin Peaks was actually pretty cool destination. You can see a whole 360 degrees of San Fransisco. 

Head on over to fort point after you've been on a history tour. They let you go loose at the fort and and let you discover the fort on your own. Its also a great place to get photos of the golden gate bridge... and its windy. 

Feeling like we are seeing the real San Fransisco life taking in this street jazz session.

Hippy street was kinda lame, so unless your into tattoo's and pot its not worth your time. 

The Oakland LDS temple has one of the best views Ive ever seen with a beautiful roof garden. 

Half Moon Bay National Beach was our favorite beach out of the three that we visited and it was also our last. Located in a small town outside of San Fransisco it was perfectly charming.

We were visited by two different sea lions who swam up to the shore line and poked their heads out of the water to check us out. I now want a pet sea lion.

Last photo of our trip... Tiered, wet and freezing happy boys. 

I give San Fransisco an 8 out of 10. I totally recomend it for any family there is so much to do and choose from you wont be able to do it all even in a whole week. 

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  1. That toilet drinking fountain was GROSS! Do you have any idea how much my boys would love it. Lol! Just thinking about it makes me shiver.

  2. What a fun vacation. You certainly hit lots of fun spots! I've lived in Northern California my whole life and have seen all of the sites you posted about EXCEPT Alcatraz Island. I've always wanted to take the tour, but I can never get anyone to go with me! One of these days...

    Great pictures!

  3. Looks like a great time had by all. Best of all you got to see the famous "Mutt" toilet in the museum. I remember seeing pictures in my art studies from college. That's some drinking fountain too.
    Think my fav is the sand picture with a cute little head popping up.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. San Francisco is one of my favorite places! Though I have to disagree with you about Haight and Ashbury, my husband has a sneaker obsession and there are some great shoe shops there that has limited edition shoes. I am sure it's boring for kids though :)

  5. We haven't been for years, but it is one of my favorite memories ever!! sounds like you had a wonderful time.


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