Spiritual Easter Egg Matching Game Printable

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Help bring a little more of the Savior into your children's Easter celebrations this year with this simple Resurrection Easter Egg Matching Game. This game is perfect for kids two years old and up and the adults can even get in on the fun. 

There are nine different illustration designs of key points from the Resurrection Story of the Bible. 


After you cut out the easter eggs take turns flipping over two eggs to see if they match. If you make a match you get to go again until you don't make a match. If you don't make a match its the next players turn. The person with the most matches win. 

Tip: Take extra time to talk about the different pictures and what they mean in the real story of Easter. Use specific words when they flip over the pictures to help them learn terminology and about the different events leading up to the resurrection. Example: "Timmy, found the Garden Of Gethsemane, Hmmmm Where is the other Garden of Gethsemane?" 

Help your kids learn about our Savors sacrifice and his love for us with this easy to use game and don't forget to bear your own testimony of how his sacrifice has impacted you personally. Your personal heartfelt testimony of the Savior will have more impact than anything else you can do. 

This is a great game to add to your Easter teaching lessons, family home evening, church class or even add this game to their easter baskets.  

Get the FREE three page Resurrection Easter Egg Matching game here at Google.docs

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So please share this Pinterest friendly image below with your friends and family or save it to print out next year. 

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