Our Top 3 Favorite Easter Games

6:21 PM

I've put together this list of our top three favorite easter games to play together as a family. These three games  are great because they are interactive and the whole family can join in. We had so many laughs doing these last year we cant wait to play them again this holiday.

Egg Roll Race:

  • Everyone get's  a hardboiled egg to race across the room with their nose. Cant touch the egg or you have to go back to the start. (From left to right: Grandma, Aunt, Mess Maker 2, Mess Maker 1, and Dad.  Mom was taking the picture)

Duck Waddle Walk:

  • While holding on tight to your ankles everyone must race to the other end of the house or yard. (It's still cold here in Utah so we stay inside)

The Real Meaning Of Easter Matching Game:

This is a great way for us to bring the focus back on the savior and celebrate what he did for us. Its an easter egg matching game that has illustrations of the real story of easter. Here is the FREE printable for you to easily print, cut out, and play. 

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  1. Fun, fun, fun! I love games! I love that Grandma played the game at the top too...wonder if my mom would do that?? Probably for the kids... :) Thanks for the link to the printable!



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