Kids Bathroom Gets A Makeover!

5:10 AM

I few week ago my sister and I tackeled the kid's bathroom in just one long day. I have been wanting to paint this bathroom since we first moved in here six years ago.

I added some extra hooks to a sized two by four to make it extra sturdy and screwed the boards into the studs in the wall.

I decided to do a little nautical collage. One of the things I like most in the collage is the driftwood (we found while on our favorite vacation in Oregon) mounted with a hook in back. The personalized bucket with the blue washcloths is fun too. 

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  1. This is WONDERFUL. I love the transformation. AND your nautical/beach motif is perfect. You have inspired me to finally re-do my girls' bathroom. Now I am off to plan....

  2. That is so awesome! Now I don't feel so bad..we've lived here 6 yrs also and the boys bathroom looks like your "before" as well.
    I'm off to plan as well! thanks for sharing.. :-)

  3. This is fantastic! I LOOOVE the flip flops on the wall! Great job!

  4. Totally love the make over. It is amazing!!

  5. Good job Julia! I'm sure getting the boys into the bath has become easier, it looks fun to hang out in there! The found items are inspired. :)

  6. Wow good for you, great job. I only WISH I could demo our bathroom and give it a fresh new look. The 50s had a style of their own and yet preserving it would never be an option b/c it's so worn down. Love that blank canvas you had. It's really cute.

  7. WOW, I love it! You are so creative! I'm in love with that surfer theme!


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