Easter Bunny Door Decor Craft Idea For Kids

5:11 PM

This is a fun craft to make to decorate your kid's doors with. They are so light weight that you can put them up by just using some tape in a few places to secure it to the door. Plus its fun to see your kids personalize their own bunny. 

2 paper plates
1 sheet of scrapbook paper
Ribbon for bow tie
Glue sticks

1. You will want to cut out and glue the ears on first using the scrapbook paper.
2. Next make the sign and attach it to the inside of one of the plates with two strips of scrapbook paper.
3. Draw on the bunny face.
4. Add a little bow tie to finish it off. 

Hope you have a Hoppy Easter ;)!


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  1. Every Moms have their own ideas in making their children's happy. We considered what they want, and what they need. If they want to have a beautiful room, we actually make a way to make their room beautiful. We do what our children want us to do.

  2. Thanks for sharing a great idea. Kids in here love celebrating easter and playing egg hunt. I will definitely incorporate this idea next Easter.


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