Camping, Feasting, And Church Clothes

4:19 AM

My mom always made Easter a special holiday and even when I was a teenager I looked forward to it. Now that I have a husband and kids of my own I've tried to incorporate some of my childhood traditions while mixing in a few of my husbands, and in the process we have made our own unique Easter traditions....

Camping: The Friday and Saturday before easter we go on a big family camping trip in southern Utah with my husbands extended family. There is great food, four wheelers, motorbikes and super fun trails.

Church Clothes: As a kid we always got new church clothes from the easter bunny right next to our baskets, and I still love the idea because it helps center Easter more around the Savior on this special day. 

(They didn't get empty baskets, they were loaded I promise) 

Easter Egg Hunt: After dying eggs we hunt them. There is a bunch of hardboiled eggs, candy eggs, and plastic eggs filled with money or little nicknack's like erasers or a bouncy ball or something. We usually hide the eggs twice because the kids have so much fun doing it.

We have a big fancy feast: We usually eat ham and potato salad with left over boiled eggs from the hunt plus a whole lot of other family favorites. 

This is the first year that we wont be having our traditional Easter celebration but we will be off on celebrating an even more important family tradition... our annual family vacation with just my hubby and kids! We leave easter morning. 2011 Destination: San Fransisco!!!

What are some of your traditions on Easter?


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