South Pacific Date Night Idea (stay at home)

6:09 PM

My husband and I recently put together this fun date. It has to be one of our favorite stay-at-home dates yet! Its a "South Pacific" themed date night where you don't even have to leave home to do. We didn't even have to find a baby sitter, we just put the kids to bed early to enjoy some one on one time. This is also a great date idea if you are missing the warm weather and summer cant come to soon.

Ideas to get you started
  • Get dressed in your bathing suits for this date!
  • Get a fun tropical war themed movie to watch like South Pacific, From Here To Eternity, Pearl Harbor ect.
  • Cook a seafood dinner together. Here is my favorite shrimp taco recipe here.
  • Play the Battleship boardgame.
  • Put down beach towels in front of the TV and hang out on them while you watch South Pacific and/or play Battleship
  • Make Virgin Margarita's for dessert.

Hope you have fun with this one, we did!

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  1. Haha, that is AWESOME!!!!!!! How creative, I love it!

  2. Very good ideas, sounds like a very interesting and funny date. Thanks for sharing with us


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