Scrap Paper Tree Centerpiece Tutorial (Featured guest blogger)

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Hi there! I'm Sharon from Two Girls Being Crafty, and I am so delighted to be today's guest blogger on Everyday Mom Ideas! Thank you so much, Julia, for having us. My co-blogger, Tristin, and I create fun and inexpensive crafts that anyone could do. Our goal is to inspire. So come check us out!

Today I would like to share with you all our newest craft. It's a fun and easy DIY Spring scrapbook paper tree. Tristin and I both love scrapbook paper. We love the large variety of gorgeous patterns to choose from and the lovely, convenient low prices (so you can indulge when needed). But the funny thing is, neither of us like to scrapbook. We are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to use scrapbook paper. Today's feature project is one of them.

Scrapbook paper tree

This simple project uses scrapbook paper leaves to create a bright and cheery Spring ambiance for your home. You could also use these beautiful trees in a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday party... the possibilities are endless!

What You Will Need:

Scrapbook paper  
Floral Wire (I used 24 gauge wire)
Glue (You can use scrapbook or tacky glue, but I just used good ole Elmers)
Vase or Pot to place your branches in

The awesome thing is - you probably already have most of these supplies on hand. I only had to purchase the floral wire for a little over $1 (with a coupon). What an inexpensive way to bring Spring into your home!
Let's Get Started:

Scraps for Scrapbook paper tree

First, drag out your unseemly healthy assortment of scrapbook paper scraps. If you don't (yet) have an unreasonable amount of scrapbook paper (and everyone should), then just head over to your local craft store - Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels and pick out your favorites.

Cut out your scrapbook paper leaves

Cut out a template of your leaf from the cardboard (you can also use chipboard or card-stock). I used two different sizes of leaves - one small and the other a lot larger. Try to make the leaves as symmetrical as possible (which I did not realize until later). This will help with pairing up a back and front leaf later on. Using your template, cut out as many leaves as you want. Cut them in even numbers because, again, you will be pairing them up later on.


Take your floral wire and cut strips anywhere from 5"-8" long. I know that's a big range, but I'm taking into account the different size leaves. If it's a larger leaf, you will want a few extra inches of wire.

Making scrapbook paper leaves

Lay down some newspaper next to your workspace. Take one of your leaves and put a thin strip of glue down the center. Place a piece of wire on the glue. Find a leaf of the same size and same scrapbook paper (or different paper- this is your project!) and place it on top of the glue, sandwiching the wire and forming a "vein" down the center of the leaf. Place your newly made leaves on the newspaper. Keep going until you've made all of your leaves.

Scrapbook paper leaves on tree

Now for the fun part! Start placing your leaves on your tree by wrapping the floral wire around a branch. You can arrange them in a natural way (as pictured above)...

Scrapbook paper leaf

...or make them funky.

Scrapbook paper leaf tree

And you're done! This project is so easy. You can make a huge tree or just make a small, simple one. Do ten of them for an event, or just create one for your humble abode. Either way, take this idea and run with it. You can create some Spring magic using only a few supplies!

Don't forget to stop by Two Girls Being Crafty and see what else we've been up to!
Thanks again, Julia, for having us here today! :)


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  1. I just saw this tree on One Pretty Thing...and it is absolutely gorgeous. I love how something so simple can become so stunning! Just lovely!

  2. Love this. I too have smallish (ok large) collection of scrapbook papers that would be perfect for this.

  3. Found this on OPT! Loove this idea! You can use it for so many events... I'm thinking of doing a couple for a friend's bridal shower I'm hosting in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the idea!


  4. I love this idea. It is a great way to make the house feel like spring. Thank you for sharing.

  5. That is such a great idea! I typically scrap digitally but I may have to print out some papers!

  6. I love this idea! Perfect for Spring!

  7. I think this is amazing! Thanks so much for the idea!!

  8. Found this on One Pretty Thing and I LOVE it! So fun and cute and pretty in such a simple way! Thanks!

  9. this is adorable! i love it! totally making this for spring! thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. A very nice tutorial and very good explained. I will try to follow it tomorrow, thanks for sharing.

  11. Super cute-i've made something similar but without the patterned paper. You can also FOLD and glue a rectangular piece over the wire (or place to rectangles of different patterns back to back), then use the scissors to trim the leaf shape afterwards. That means you can avoid the symmetrical deal and make sure they match up.

  12. Such a pretty little tree and what a great way to make use of those piles of paper scraps! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I'm thinking this would be an awesome way to use up all the Christmas, birthday, anniversary etc. cards that I can never bring myself to throw away!

  14. I'm going to use this idea as my guest book for my wedding reception!! this is wonderful! thank you!

  15. I love this idea! It looks absolutely beautiful. I was wondering where you got the branches? Can they be purchased and if so, what type are they?

  16. I love this tutorial! thanks for sharing it. I'll definitely try it one of these days :)

  17. I love this idea! I too have an insane amount of scrapbooking paper (I recognize some in the picture :]) but never enough time. It's time to put that stuff to use!

  18. I love this tree. I must try it for an upcoming party with a added twist: rhinestones stickers on some leaves to simulate dew.

  19. Its lovey tree... will tryout with my daughters this weekend I am sure they'll enjoy..

  20. I teach sign language and have been trying to come up with an idea for so much of my separate signs I have printed out. This is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Colleen T
    Everything Sign Language

  21. Great tutorial, I Love it very much. Thanks for sharing

  22. That's just fantastic. What a great idea! I will suggest it for the upcoming Easter children craft project at our Montessori School

  23. This is a wonderful tutorial! I'm always thinking about what I can do with scrap paper. I usually cut up little tiny flowers from scraps but I'll try this!

  24. Gorgeous! You gave me inspiration to try it myself! x

  25. Whoohoo such a great idea!!
    I am making this, when im finished ill show it here!



  26. Super awesome idea. I am totally doing this! Thanks for the tute :-)

  27. Hey here's my tree!



  28. I love this tree for decorating my small room. It's so light and dainty looking. I live in a Home and i love simple projects. Thank you for thinking of us!

  29. Great idea!! You could take it another step and spray paint the branches & floral wire a specific color,...say, white, for instance, then choose specific color scheme to match bridal colors, or some other event. Thanks for sharing!!! Very creative!!

  30. A great idea for this tree is to turn it into a "giving tree". My kids write down something good they've done or somebody's done for them on the back of the leaves to help them remember to serve and how blessed they are. It's also a cute idea for showers, you could have guests write their notes to the new mom or new bride on the backs of leaves:) Jen

  31. hey... thank you so much for this. I am going to make these as centerpieces at my wedding. I did a trial tonight and was surprised how fast it went! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  32. Oh My Momm, I love this idea!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    From the Caribbean island

  33. There is an easier way to cut out the leaves than with a stencil... First cut a two inch strip off the bottom of the scrapbook paper... then cut the two inch strip into rectangles. You want to end up with rectangles about two by three... Then cut the rectangle from corner to corner being sure to curve your cut... repeat this step and alternate the sizes of the rectangles. Hope this helps.

  34. This is great!! Question: would you be able to use magazine cut-outs or you think they'd be too thin? Thanks!

  35. I love this project, which makes great use of scraps!

  36. Hi! Thank you so much for the idea! I'm half way through my paper tree. I chose to cut out (haha, pun) a few steps and so far, it's working out beautifully!Instead of using floral wire, I found a wonderful branch outside that had LOTS of small branches that I could "leaf". I folded my scrap book paper and cut the leaves out free hand and placed their fronts and backs together on the table for gluing, that way I could make various sized leaves. Using Mod Podge and a small sponge brush (I'm a decoupage addict), I glued the fronts w/ the backs, leaving about 1/3 unglued and then slipped it over the tiny brand, glued and pressed firmly. While the glue was still drying I twirled the paper a bit to make some of the leaves have a slightly curved effect. I placed the branch in a large glass vase and filled w/ 2 bags of smooth stone from the Dollar tree and so far, it looks amazing!!! When it's finished, I plan on spraying it w/ satin clear coat to strengthen it, seal and make it easier to dust later on down the road. The entire project cost about $4! So far, I have done worked on the project while watching a family's that easy! I love custom pieces so thank you again for the amazing idea!!

  37. Different shades in one are showing a great look to it,like your idea.

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    plastic business cards
    scratch cards printing

  38. I absolutely love this tree. And it was my first project that I tried after creating a huge file of crafts and decorations on Pinterest. I blogged about it too.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  39. This. Is. Amazing. I love love love it

  40. Love this! Can't wait to make it! Thanks for sharing. I have any addiction to anything crafty :-) Also, thanks to Janine-e-beanie for her comment on how to cut leaves without a stencil. In addition, I had an idea if you do choose to use a stencil to ensure them matching up front and back: cut half of the leaves from the stock with the design showing and the other half from the stock with the plain side showing. That way when you match them up you already have front and backs cut without need to try to be symmetrical in your cutting.

  41. Wow beautiful!
    I´m a student so I´m very busy with my school. So this is perfect! make it once and youre done for a while :)
    Thanks for the idea.

    Love it!

    Oh and please don't look at my gramatica and spellings mistakes ;)

    XX a Dutch girl

  42. This looks really nice. I will try it. Thanks!

  43. Our wedding theme was a Pablo Neruda poem....and because love battles....only give them one leaf.
    We had cut out make leafs and asked our wedding guests to write down one word that to them, meant LOVE....we have all these leaves filled with beautiful language and now I know how we will display them....thank you....

  44. I love it!
    I've picked your idea for my post "Diy Scrap".
    I hope you visit my blog and like it.



  45. This is a beautiful decoration. I will try making it with some of my old Christmas cards that I'll cut up. And maybe try it with some old wrapping paper I have too.

  46. I will do this tree very soon with my own art for the paper.


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