My bedroom design inspirations

4:15 AM

My bedroom is feeling a little disjointed this past year as i have slowly been trying to implement more oranges and greens. So I have put together a bunch of inspiration photos to help me keep on track or what I'm aiming towards when I add new pieces here and there.

So here are some inspiration rooms that I just love, and would like my bedroom to someday look like a combinational of these rooms...

I think when people use orange when decorating that they go tooooo modern for me, I like a homey creative vibe from my room.

What designs and colors do you like for your bedroom?


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  1. I dunno if you caught this or not but I see in several (not all) of these photos there is a wood element. The frame, tree, hardwood flooring.......that could be a way to pull it all together! I have found the same thing.....I know what I want but have no idea how to get I started doing this same thing....saving photos and then after a couple of weeks I went back and could plainly see a basic element in all of them that was teh same....sometimes we look too hard, but saving photos and looking back later is a GREAT way to get the look!!!

  2. I love these ideas! These are by far the cutest inspirations. I don't think you can go wrong if these are your guidelines! I especially love the tree vinyl and the lanterns, definant win in my book :]


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