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4:59 AM

Here is a fun Header and button that I recently designed for A Recovering Craft Hoarder. It was such a fun theme to work with and she left the designing wide open for me to get creative with. I like to dabble in blog design and have made several blog headers, buttons, backgrounds and tabs. My favorite blog design project was making my own. Its such a great feeling of accomplishment to have custom designed everything you see at Everyday Mom Ideas. 

Blog Design Tip: Save blog designs images that you like and are inspired by in a special folder. When your ready to design your own header, button and background pull up the saved inspiration photos to help you get started. Knowing and seeing what you want will cut down your designing time by strides. 

For more tricks and tips to designing your own blog check out this helpful and handy post I formerly put together to help just start your blog designs.

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  1. Great tips!!! And I love that header, very cute!!!
    What a great blog you have here. Not sure if I'm following you already, but I will definitely be following you now :)

  2. Very good tips!! And I love your design anyway!!

  3. Very cute! Great job on it :)

  4. Oh, I love that idea. I think it would be great to be able to design my own blog. I have put it together, mostly with free templates and by trial and error. What would it be like to use my own pictures and my own format???

  5. You know what, I might try your suggestion about saving the blog designs I love and pull them up when I'm about to start my own. Really nice idea!


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