Rosette Quartet! - Four different rosette tutorials in one post!

7:31 PM

I turned these rosettes into magnets for my sister for her birthday. I think they make great gifts and thought they would be perfect to give out for valentines day as well. 

Ive created four fantastic rosette tutorials here that are both easy,fast and beautiful.

Pleated Rosette Tutorial:
Need: 3 feet ribbon, small felt circle, hot glue/glue gun,
1. Cut out a circle out of felt or even card stock would work. It need to be about the size of a fifty cent piece. Next hot glue one end of the ribbon to about the edge of the circle. String a bit of the ribbon around about an inch and double back half an inch to created a fold. continue to do this clear around the felt circle.
2.When you get all the way around the felt circle once, continue pleating the ribbon about 1/4 an inch closer to the middle of the felt circle. Continue to layer in pleated circles until circle is fully covered.
3. Tuck down end of ribbon or cut off any excess.
4. This is where you can add a button or jewel. I put a dab of hot glue in the middle and sprinkled some mini beads onto the hot glue while it was still hot.
5.  If you want to make it a magnet just hot glue a small magnet to the back. And your all finished and ready to go.
Swirl Felt Rosette Tutorial:
Need: Felt, hot glue/glue gun
1. Cut out a rough circle out of the felt about the size of a pancake.
2. Cut the felt circle into a spiral, slowly getting smaller and smaller toward the middle.
3. Starting from the middle end piece, start rolling the spiral up, like it was a piece of flat ribbon.. Hot gluing spots along the way.
4. Cut out a small circle the size of the bottom of your felt rose and glue it to the bottom of the rose.
5. This is when you can turn it into a magnet or any other kind of embellishment.

Twisted Rag Rosette Tutorial:
Need: 3 feet strip of fabric, felt circle, hot glue/glue gun
1. Cut out a 3 foot strip of fabric. Cut out a circle from the felt fabric about the size of a fifty cent piece.
2. Tie a knot in one end of the fabric and glue that end to the edge of felt circle. 
3. Starting from outside-in and twisting your fabric along the way, begin wrapping and gluing down the fabric in circular motion gradually ending up in the middle. 
4. Cut off excess material and tuck in the end piece by gluing it down in the middle. 

Lace Trim Rosette Tutorial
Need: 3 feet of lace trim, felt, hot glue/hot glue gun.
1. Cut out a circle out of the felt about the size of a fifty cent piece. Hot glue one end of lace to the edge of the felt. Now you want to kind of pinch the lace to ruffle it a bit and glue the pinched part down. Continue to glue down pinched lace around the felt circle.  
2. Make each of your ruffled lace layers closer to the middle and and more condensed than the previous layer. You should end up with about three layers of ruffled lace. Cut off excess lace and glue down end of lace. 
3. You can embellish the lace rosette by gluing a button or jewel to the middle. 

I hope you found these tutorials instructive and easy to follow. There are so many ways to make fabric flowers out there. These were a bunch of my favorites that I wanted to share with you. I hope you have fun with these. And Have A Happy Valentine!

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  1. Great post! You make these look easy!

  2. these are so cute, my sister made them for me as a birthday present....
    (Thank You Julia)

  3. Thank you for the tutorials, they helped alot and it's nice to have a variety of styles all in one place!

  4. I'm in love with this post!!! And how fun to make them magnets, what great gifts!!! I'm totally doing that!

  5. This one, I really love. I have wanted to learn to make these for awhile!

  6. Oh boy, I needed that, thank you so much!

  7. Awesome tutorials!! I adore the top one. Thanks for sharing!


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