He's a keeper!

1:15 AM

5 Things I'm loving about my husband right now
1. He does the dishes and the laundry... most days.
2. He secretly has a Justin Beiber song on his iPod he doesn't want his fellow dudes to know about.
3. He rented a romantic cabin in the mountains for us to spend Valentines at.
4. He is a big fan of the twilight book series and is team Jacob.
5. He listens to me go on and on about my blog stuff, even though he is bored to tears.

5 Things that made me fall in love with my husband
1. How you were hitting on me within five minutes of meeting me.
2. You got mad at me when I ignored you on our second date.
3. You tried to not let me see you cry when you injured your man parts when we were playing night games.
4. You left love notes taped to my apartment door.
5. When I told you about a tragic memory of mine you looked at me and said "I'm going to make you so happy." and you have.

5 things that I love to do with my husband
1. Killing zombies and aliens on the Xbox together... seriously its tons of fun!
2. Go on our annual family vacation to a new place. W e love to travel.
3. We both really enjoy musicals and plays,and getting to go together is such a treat.
4. Gardening. He is a hard worker and looks hot toiling in the soil. Its a good time for oogling.
5. Playing with out kids. There is this bubble of love and joy surrounding us when we are just playing with our kids, having tickle fights and horsey rides.

May love find you this Valentine day and that your heart may be filled with beautiful memories and for many more to come.

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  1. Fabulous post!! Yes, you have a keeper, and so do I!

  2. AWESOME!! *in the hallelujah voice*

    He's definitely a keeper!!

  3. This is such a sweet post and a great idea. I'm sure he appreciates hearing all of your reasons for love.

    My dh is team Edward. He says Jacob is too whinny.

  4. What a great post! LOVE that you play Xbox together and I was dying that he has a Beiber song, hahahah!


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