Lady In Red Photo Shoot (My best friend)

6:44 PM

We have been best friends since we were just nine years old and have remained close ever since. I was thrilled that she asked me to take her first photos since her jaw surgery this past summer. It was great seeing her so confident and comfortable in her own skin. She has always been beautiful to me, so its neat to see her feel the same way about herself.

Photo Tip: Lack Of Focal Point
To get a great focal point, physically move closer to your subject. Or use your camera's zoom feature. Before you snap your shot, ask yourself: "What is the main subject of this photo?" and "Does my subject fill the frame?" Also, cropping allows you to eliminate unnecessary or unwanted things from your photo, bringing the focus back to the main subject. 


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  1. OmG, this girl is so beautiful! I love her hair, the smile, the choice of dress, the way she looks at the kitty, her smile, those huge eyes, her smile... did I mention her smile?
    She MUST feel at home in her skin unless she is the best actress I have ever seen. And even your brilliant photography could not make an unhappy woman look that relaxed and happy.

  2. Oh, I love them!! Your pictures are beautiful and she is a great model. She looks happy and confident. You did an amazing job at bringing that out.

  3. there's something very 50's classic about this. lovely.


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