Two Truths And A Lie -Date Night Idea!

5:34 AM

This is a great game to reconnect, discover, and have some laughs with your spouse. My husband and I played this while sitting down to a delicious romantic dinner. We had a blast trying to think up things our spouse didn't know about ourselves. And it was neat to discover new facts about one another.

Here's How To Play:

1. You need two pieces of paper and pencils. 
2. Take a few minutes and jot down two truths about yourself and one lie in a a,b, or c fashion. Mix up your truths and lie so the lie is not always c. When you both have your two truths and a lie written down, take turns reading them to each other.
3. Write down a,b, or c when guessing what your spouses lie is. Then tell them which you think is a lie. Go ahead and tell each other the answer. You get one point for each correct answer.
4. Create 10 rounds and the person who wins gets to pick what you do next on your date.

What are some fun date's you've been on?

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  1. I dated a guy once that would play theme dates. Dinner, movie, and dessert would all fit a theme.

  2. After 21 years of marriage, I can't think of a thing he doesn't know about me.

  3. How fun!! For us, it might be fun to do with the kids. They might even find out something a little interesting about their parents and their siblings.

  4. Cool idea that Julia, will give it a try!

  5. I am definitely going to have to try this with my husband...thanks for the fun suggestion :)


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