Turning Six Years Old!

5:48 AM

Dear six year old:
You have grown up so much this year. I love how you are becoming more out spoken and being more comfortable with who you are and what you do and do not like. You are starting to think that your dad and I don't know very much about life and that your kindergarten teacher is all knowing and powerful. You are really into trains this year and have had many Thomas the train marathons with your little brother, to my dismay. You are learning to read so fast and the best part of that is that you love reading as well. Some of the cool things you did this year was... going to Disney Land, loosing your first tooth, and getting your first pet that you named Sugar and then we found out it was a boy and had to re-name it Brookings.
      I love you so much, and it has been such a neat thing for me to watch you grow and learn every year. I hope being six will bring you much happiness and that you will continue to grow into a wonderful young man some day and that we may always be close. Happy Birthday!

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