Happy Birthday Five Year Old!

1:00 AM

Dear Five Year Old,
       You have grown so much in the last year. I swear you get more handsome every day. And the girls are already flocking your way. You got your first love note the other day in church by a class mate, the note came with hearts and everything. You acted like it was nice but just another day in the life of a five year old Casanova. You have been a very active four year old all year long and have kept everyone on their toes including the cats. Your mischievousness has gotten you into a lot of hot water this year and you have spent a great deal of time in the corner, but you give the best hugs when I tell you, you can come out. You love being read to at any time of the day and only look forward to bedtime because you know your going to get a book read to you. You don't like to play by yourself or be alone, you always have to be with someone and doing something. You are very adventurous and brave, always will to try new things as long as its not a vegetable. You are always the first one to fall asleep and the first one to wake up... and then wake everyone else up. You started this new thing where you hide candy and cheese under your pillow and it has been making a huge mess but no matter how many time you get in trouble for it you keep hiding food under your pillow. You are also very smart. You have picked up reading just by watching your big brother learning. You can pronounce big hard words so clearly you sound grown up sometimes. Some of the big things that happened to you this year was finally starting pre-school, going to Disney Land for the first time, learning to read, and learning to ride your bike.
     I love you so much! And it has been so neat to see you grow and learn these five years. I hope being five brings you even more growth, health and happiness and that you will continue to grow into the strong intelligent young man I know you are going to be and that we will grow even stronger and closer as a family. Happy Birthday!

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  1. Aw, Julia, what a sweet letter! He will surely treasure this when he is older. Happy birthday to your young son! :)

  2. They grow up so fast!! And they are such special blessings! Happy birthday to him.

  3. This letter is so sweet - what a neat idea to write a letter on their birthday!

  4. that is so cute! and so true about waking everyone up early.....


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