4-Strand With Flair- New Hairstyle Tutorial (Featured Guest Blogger)

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My name is Julie and I am the mommy to four wonderful children.  I have one daughter (our oldest) and three sons.  My daughter and I love to come up with fun new hairstyles and we've been taking pictures of them for several years now.  Last year we decided to start a fun little blog for some of the mom's in the neighborhood that were looking for hairstyle ideas. 
That's when Princess Piggies was born. 
We now have over 150 hairstyles and instructions posted.  I love to come up with creative, yet simple styles and I also love to create bows and clips to accent those styles.  I always share pictures of the hair clips as well so that our readers can copy the ideas that they like.
Here is a fun braided hairstyle that we've recently come up with:
4-Strand With Flair
This hairstyle works great on either wet or dry hair. 
Begin by parting the top of the hair directly down the middle.  Now grab two sections of hair from the front - one on each side of the part.  Put one section in a clip and set it aside while you work with the other. 
Separate the section into 4 equal strands.  Take the strand farthest to your left and go over the adjacent strand and then under the very next strand.  (That left strand should now be in the middle/right position.)  Now take the strand farthest to your right and go under the adjacent strand and over the very next strand.  (That right strand should now be in the middle/left position.)  Begin the pattern again with the strand farthest to the left, going over and then under,  and continue until you get to the bottom of the hair, leaving about 1.5 inches unplated. 
Now, starting at the bottom of the braid, gently pull at the far right and left plates of the braid to loosen them up a bit and make them flair out more than the inside plates.  Continue doing this up to the top of the braid, gently playing with those outside plates to loosen them up.  When you've done that, go ahead and secure the bottom of the braid with an elastic.  Unclip the section that you set aside and create the same braid using the same plating pattern and the same loosening technique. 
Once that second braid is complete, combine it with the first braid at the back of the head, using an elastic.  (You can remove the elastic that was temporarily securing your first braid.)  Unplate any braids below the elastic so that the hair is loose. 
Now grab two more sections from the from of the head, just below the original sections. 
Create the same braid out of those sections and combine them at the back of the head as well. 
 Make sure to include the extra hair from the first two braids into that second elastic.  Unplate any braids below the elastic and lightly curl all the ends of the hair under. Add a hair clip to the back of the head to hide the elastics and you're all finished!
You can find many more fun hairstyles at http://www.princesspiggies.blogspot.com

I'm so glad Julie decided to be a featured guest blogger here at EMI! I have been checking out her hairstyles for a couple of years now. The hairstyle ideas are always so fresh and fun, I even go there looking for ideas to do with my own hair. I'm sure you'll love Princess piggies as much as I do. -Julia

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  1. Schöne Frisur hat die Kleine

  2. I had fun visiting over at Princess Piggies!

  3. How I wish I had this link when I was a girl with the longest hair in school! awesome!

  4. How cute is that!! The only four strand braid we have done is the fish tail and my girls love it. This one will be fun to try.

  5. Super cute! makes me wish i had a girl. Just so you know, there is a typo in the princess piggies blog address at the bottom. It says post instead of spot so it gives you an error. :)

  6. mmesOEG - hallo guys :D



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