Why our family loved 2010!

5:00 AM

Reasons We Loved 2010!

  • Getting to go to Disney Land for the first time
  • Four year old starting pre-school
  • Five year old son loosing his first tooth
  • Hubby's new job.
  • Me finally getting braces... even if I'm 27 years old.
  • Hubby and I getting to see Micheal Buble live in Concert
  • Hiking to and touring Timpanogos Caves, UT
  • Hubby and I going to Bridal Veil falls, UT 
  • Visiting Cove Fort, Utah with our kids.
  • Me, getting to pick up a returning missionary from the airport in Idaho off her Germany LDS mission
  • Five year old son learning to ride his bike (trick is to get him to stop)
  • Getting to see a BYU football game for hubby's birthday... They won!
  • Four year old son miraculously picking up reading on his own.
  • Five year old son winning the principle award for his good work at school.
  • Me, winning "People's choice award" at our county fair for my oil painting.
  • Hubby putting in a water line in with his dad so we could water our plants and garden (the garden died anyways)
  • And having no broken bones or major illnesses... so far.

Wishing you the happiest holiday season and all the best in 2010!


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  1. I like what you did there, listing the highlights. I will often look back on a year and be just so grateful that it's almost over and miss all the amazingness of it. Thank you for the reminder.
    PS. You went to Idaho to pick her up? You are a good friend! I miss Idaho--I really enjoyed living there.

  2. you had me at "Disney Land" It's the happiest place on earth!

  3. Love it. It is always better to focus on the things that are right rather than the things that are wrong. I love how many "rights" you had going for you this year!! Have a wonderful 2011!!


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