Under $10 Personalized Magnet Board Gift Set - DIY Tutorial

5:00 AM

I created this personalized magnet board  gift set for about $8! These make fantastic gifts for any family or individual and its easy on your bank account. 

large wooden frame
sheet metal cut to size
a bag of clear accent gems
small sheet of patterned paper

paper glue
hot glue/hot glue gun

1. I started with this $2 used frame and spray painted it with several coats of black enamel spray that I bought for $0.96!

2. While you let the frame dry you can go ahead and get started on the magnets. I just used some let over scrapbooking paper, but  you could use wrapping paper, or even print off a fun design/pattern you found online. 

3. Trace the clear gems onto the patterned paper. Apply a thin layer of paper glue with a paint brush and adhear to the back of the clear gem. Hot glue one magnet to the back of each papered clear gem. 

4. When frame is dried hot glue precut sheet metal to the back of the frame, applying hot glue in small spots generously around back of frame.(I got some sheet metal from the home depot for about $4, they cut it to size for me, for free!)
5. There are various was to apply the word art on your magnet board. vinyl cutouts are a popular way to apply lettering. Stenciling your word on is another option. I just used fabric paint and a ruler and just wrote it on. Another option is to just use a permanent marker.

I hope you have fun with this one!

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  1. I have absolutely adored your fun make at home gift ideas. Thank you! Where do you get the sheet of metal and how do you cut it to size? I guess I am a newbie...

  2. Oh, I love it!! I am going to have to see if it is possible to get sheet metal up here. I was thinking that a decorated cookie sheet might work, although it wouldn't be in a frame. This would be so cute to do if you printed the values on the paper and put them under the glass to give it to a young woman. Love the idea!!

  3. Love it! Where do you get the sheet metal?

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  6. Wow, that's crazy man. They should really try to do something to fix that.

  7. How awesome! I have wanted one of these and you make it so easy!! Great to know they'll cut the sheet metal for free too.


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