Christmas Ceiling Pendants - Craft Tutorial

11:45 AM

We made these by collecting toilet paper rolls for a couple of weeks. Each toilet paper roll makes one ceiling pendant. This is a super frugal craft that is fun for any age.

Need: Toilet paper rolls, Christmas ribbon, hot glue/glue gun, glitter or paint,

  • Cut toilet paper rolls into about 10 pieces each, have fun coming up with different designs. In the collage above are some ideas for different designs that we came up with. When you have your layout hot glue the pieces together.
  • When you have all the pendants put together you can go ahead a decorate your pendants with glitter, paint, gems, ribbons, etc. Let dry overnight.
  • Tie different lengths of Christmas ribbon and staple the ribbons to your ceiling in a staggering design for depth.

I hope you have fun making these little whimsical Christmas pendants...

Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a great way to recycle! Would you mind if I featured this project on my blog this week?

  2. those are awesome! I always feel guilty about getting rid of toilet paper rolls! Now I know what to do with them! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. What a great idea! A very cute and "green" way to be crafty with your kids :) I'm definitely going to use this idea!

  4. That is cool! I have some rolls in the recycling bin right now! Gotta go pull them out! Thanks:)

  5. I'm just now seeing your comment on Shaunell's Hair blog asking me if I'd like to be featured over here ( I would love that! Let me know what you need from me. juliemorton - at - gmail - dot - com

  6. I am in love with these. We make snowflakes but these might have to go on out "to do" list

  7. I just got finished making these! I cheated and used an empty large christmas wraping paper tube. So simple, but beautiful! Had a blast! Thanks for posting this!

    G Summers

  8. Super cute, super simple and super frugal...just my kind of craft! :)

  9. Brilliant! They look kinda scandinavian, I love them. Thanks for inspiring me!

  10. These are so pretty, we love to craftcycle. I included this in my Christmas in July roundup.


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