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I’m Tammy from She Wears Flowers and I am thrilled to be a guest on Everyday Mom Ideas!
I craft because I love it and blog because I can share it. Most of my projects have tutorials and I tend to stick with quick, easy and very satisfying projects! I’d love for you to stop by my blog and check out some of my other projects!
Blocks 7Blocks 8
I love these easy blocks bearing tidings of the season. They are easy to make and inexpensive, but they still make nice little gifts. This one is two-sided so it can be enjoyed longer!
Blocks 12 copyMaterials
2 sided (not flat) paper mache barn star on a stick – cut the stick much shorter
8 inch length of 2x4 wood
sand paper
cream and brown spray paint
vinyl lettering or scrapbook paper, nail file and Mod Podge
acrylic paint for edges

Sand edges and corners of wood so they are rounded. Sand one face smooth.
Blocks 1
Drill hole to insert barn star.
Blocks 3
Paint the barn star brown and the wood cream. Let dry thoroughly.
Spray the barn star with spray glue (or you can Mod Podge it, too!) and dust or cover with glitter. Mine was pretty glittery, but the deep brown shows through and adds depth.
Blocks 4
Adhere lettering on each side. I did vinyl on one side and paper on the other.
Blocks 13
FONTS: “believe” - Kwekel (210 pt)  “Let it snow!” - House Sitter’s Club (112 pt)
OR, print your lettering out on scrapbook paper, cut to size and glue to your wood. Use a nail file to gently sand the edges of the paper so they blend into the wood a little better.
NOTE: In hindsight, I think I would have rounded the corners and inked the edges of the paper, too!
Blocks 5
Using one corner of a sponge brush, paint the edges of the block face (on each side) using acrylic paint. You don’t want it to be too neat on this one! I was kind of going for the look I get with distressing ink.
Blocks 6
Pointing up If you used paper for your lettering, coat the entire block with one or two coats of Mod Podge making sure it dries thoroughly in between coats.
Stick in the barn star - mine was a tight fit and didn't need glue, but you can glue it in if necessary.
Blocks 7
That’s all there is to it!
Now you can display it for the holiday season on its own. . .
Blocks 8
or nestle it in with your other decorations.
Blocks 11
When you take your holiday decorations down, just flip your block to the other side and enjoy it a little longer!
Blocks 9
I think this is the perfect little go-to gift for neighbors, acquaintances, and teachers.
Be sure to stop by She Wears Flowers to find more of my projects!
Thanks, Julia, for inviting me to be here today!

What a fun thing to make for gift giving. Heck I would make one for myself, these are so cute. Thanks Tammy! Tammy is always coming up with brilliant crafting ideas for the home and family. Head on over to her blog She Wears Flowers to get inspired. -Julia

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