2010 Christmas Shenanigans, and it ain't over yet!

5:05 AM

We still have a week until Christmas and we've already got a boat load of stories under our belt. This is my four year old in the best Santa costume Ive ever seen! He wanted to play dress up and chose to be a festive Santa. With no Santa gear on hand mom had to do a bit of quick thinking. What do you think? How'd I do?

Turns out that huge green pointy thing you put in your house every December really isn't a Christmas tree after all it a "Multi-level Cat Climber" purrrrrfect for instant climbing fun! Heck, I didn't want those glass heirloom bulbs anyways!

When I hung this up my four year old gasped! "Mom, I know what that is!" I said "Ya its a Mistletoe." Then my five year old looks at me with big wide eyes and said " Mom! your under the KISSY KISS!" Then my hubby came running over to give me a big smooch to the horror of my four and five year old boys. I could just see them thinking "So it does work! Eeeks!" Both my little boys have been trying to stay clear of the Kissy Kiss all month long. If anyone happens to venture under it they are sure to sound the alarm "They are under the Kissy Kiss! They are under the Kissy Kiss!" Running around the house like crazy.

A four year olds philosophy on glitter glue
  • You can never use too much glitter glue.
  • Glitter glue works best when you squeeze it out with both hands  and teeth simultaneously.
  • Don't worry if glitter glue gets all over the place, it will just make the world a more beautiful place.

Somehow my older sister has manage to break two very important things in my house this week, and I'm starting to wonder if they are really accidents. First the woman broke my ceder chest lid in half while helping me put away Christmas boxes and then next thing you know she has moved on to smashing in our glass fridge shelf with a glass casserole dish filled with the nights before noodle-liciousness. I'm thinking the sisters gotta go!

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  1. I love everything about this post!
    I always forget to take pictures of life's little moments!
    You've captured the "Spirit of the Season" beautifully!! (-:

    Thanks for the chuckles!!

  2. I concur, I love this post, and I too forget to take those snaps of life's little things. Great job

  3. Wow-you've had quite the month. I love the shot of the cat in the tree.

  4. The cat in the tree is totally priceless!! I love the way that you manage to photograph all the little things. I am terrible about remembering to get out the camera.

  5. I love Santa Shantz's costume- he's adorable and you're too clever! Also, your Christmas card this year was fantastic- I'm getting mine out late AGAIN- but look for it in your mailbox soon :)
    Sorry about the broken things- if it makes you feel any better my son has broken two glasses this week on different days :(

  6. I love that Santa beard! I might have to make those for my kids, I bet they would love them!

  7. I love it! Great Santa costume - he looks great!

  8. This must be the most gorgeous Santa ever! Can you promise he'll be the one to sneak down my chimney, please?

  9. I plead Not Guilty
    both accidents were just that accidents with lack of sleep. My sister fell to mention that I did replace the glass that I broke. Thats my story and I am sticking with it.

  10. I love this post! I'm visiting from SITS! i've created my own link up of holiday posts on my blog, if you'd like to stop by and link this post, we'd love to have you!


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