School Photos Unsuccessful- At home re-do's

10:10 AM

My five year old came home with his school pictures and they were just a little odd... My five year old has a tendency to make his jaw all crooked and furrow his brows when he is  fake smiling. So the trick is to get him to kind of laugh when taking his photo, and man, did I have to get creative.

These where taken in my front yard. We live on the same street at the elementary school and these where taken just minutes after school was let out. Scene: Mom crouched down making wild gestures with one hand with a camera in the other as other moms drive by with my kids peers as on lookers... What... I didn't want to loose the light. Thank goodness my kids are still to young to be embarrassed of their mom yet.

Photo  Tip:
To get a close up of your kid without the fishbowl look, stand back a couple more feet and use your zoom.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Your boys are beautiful! We skipped (pre)school photos this year and had a friend take pics of us. I agree that the zoom is our friend!!

    You did a tremendous job...and worthy of framing!

  2. School pictures STINK!!! This was the first year that I told myself it was okay not to buy them. I've always felt guilty in the past. No need, they will still have "school pictures" taken and placed in the yearbook, but I won't have the dissatisfaction of having to pay lots of money for....well, horrible pictures, as cute my kids may be. They need people like us taking those pictures. Then maybe they would actually be decent.

  3. Great pictures. Your boys are very handsome.

  4. Love the pictures. You did a great job and will have pictures they will remember much better than the school ones. I have found that the ones I do are so much nicer than the ones from school. The trick is to make sure that you do them.


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