No-Cost Thanksgiving Garland

5:20 AM

Here is a fun family craft that wont cost you a dime, and I think is a fantastic addition to any thanksgiving decor. Another thing thats great... its perfect for all ages to participate in.

strips of old fabric

Hole punch

1. Take a few sheets of newspaper at a time and fold them over on each other creating several layers. Outline different leaf shapes with a pen on one side and cut them out. I used about 30 leaves for this one garland. 
2. When you have your leaves all cut out, have your kids draw leaf veins and color the leafs in with different fall colors. Then whole punch two wholes into the bottom each leaf .
3. To string the leafs along, I used thin strips of brown fabric hat I cut out and then tied the ends together after I strung the paper leaves on that section of string. (you could also use yarn, twine, ribbon, etc.)

Hope you have fun with this one!

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