10 Unique Christmas Gifts Under $20! -2010

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 I spent days looking for a top 10 list for great Christmas gifts because I was stuck on what to get a .few people on my Christmas list. Man was that a waste of my precious mommy down time. After pages and pages of popular unoriginal gift ideas like mp3 players and Movies I decided I needed to get brainstorming for myself. 
So here are my favorite picks for original, fun, and pocket friendly gifts all under $20! Hope this helps!

1. A Movie Lover's Gift Set:  you can make up the gift set with tons of fun stuff like, picking up a large "popcorn" bowl, some cozy socks, and goodies from your nearest dollar store. You could add a fun $5 DVD, or netflix gift card. -$15-$20

2. Vacuum Storage Bags: This is a great gift to get anyone, for the person who has everything to teens and collage students its a great space saver. -$14-$20

3. Super Cute Insulated Lunch Bags: I think these would be perfect for that little someone on your list! You can get any of these for about $13 and other fun things from a cute suitcase to fantastic backpacks at  csn.stores.

4. Date Night Gift Set: We've put together a few of these date night gifts sets in the past and they have always been a huge hit. These are great for teens, married couples, and even your single friends you want to help along the way. Here are some cute ideas to put in it: add a burned CD filled with a mix of great love songs, Dollar store wine goblets, sparkling cider, romantic movie, candles and candle holders, chocolates, book of poetry. Also, here is a fun printable for you, its a list of fun date night ideas, print it off, roll it up into a scroll and tie a ribbon around it, and add it to the gift set. -$10-$20

5. Make a "Favorite Recipes" Binder: Collect and print off a bunch of your families favorites recipes, put them in plastic sheet protectors and, and add them to a binder. You could print them off  and get them bound at any printing service to save even more money. -$10-$20

6. Fabric/sewing Gift Set: Get a yard of 3 different patterned fabrics and add some matching ribbons and buttons to go with.- $10-$15

7. First Aid Kit: I don't need to to tell you that every home could use one of these. We got a nice first aid kit from someone a few years ago and I cant tell you how many times we are glad we have it. -$14

8. Address Labels/ Property Of... : There are so many sites that let you fully customize labels and they have tons of cute images and styles to go with. We love having "Property of The DeLeeuw's" Labels that we put on our books, DVD's and such for when we loan them out.

9. Handcrafted Soap: These have a very luxurious feel to them and come in so many fun and interesting types, like pumpkin pie, Oatmeal, goats milk, even some with real flowers in it. Starting at just -$3 at etsy.

10. Gift Tag Assortment: You could either buy a whole bunch of different gift tags and cut them out and give them out to a bunch of different families in a cute baggy, find a website to personalize a couple of sheets of gift tags, or make your own an a photo editing program and print them out at home. $5- $10

If you have any fabulous gift ideas for under $20 We'd love to hear about it. 
Happy Gift Giving!

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  1. OH! Great ideas! My favorites are the address labels and the holiday gift tags. Thanks for the inspiration! You're the best!

  2. Thanks for these fun ideas. I love that they aren't run of the mill. Nothing like a mass produced gift to say I love you. Okay, I would take a big screened tv and some of those other unoriginal gifts and be happy, but these are more in my price range.

  3. I MUST have one of those lunchbags those are brilliant!

  4. I have also done movie tickets to the local movie theatre. You can preload the cards with extra money for popcorn and candy. It is totally up to you how much you spend.
    I also buy from Bath and body works when they have their two big sales every year. I buy shower gels and lotions in pairs usually for around 3-5 dollars each. I pair them in a cute gift bag and add a lofa or a cute washcloth. You can find some really cute bath stuff for cheap that goes in the bag. These would be really expensive if I ever paid full price, but since I don't, it is a very nice gift at a price I can afford.

  5. I absolutely love all those ideas and thanks for putting where you found them as well! I am showing my husband as we speak some of them for family and friends!

  6. Love love love love the baskets. You are so creative. Thank you for stoping by my blog. Come back any time.

  7. great ideas and thanks for voting for Leah!

  8. These are great! You always have the best stuff on here :)

  9. The gift sets are really a good gift idea. Those little lunch sacks are adorable!!

  10. Thanks for sharing these ideas! Love the date night basket! This will be fun to make for my brother & his fiance! =)

  11. Hey there!
    Thanks so so much for stopping by my blog from SITS! I'm going to post a rosette blouse today just for you!

  12. Julia,

    Thanks for recommending Space Bag products to your readers as great holiday gifts! Who doesn't need some organization in their life?!
    Just wanted to drop by and let you know about Space Bag's online community Space Savers. There are articles on home organization and space saving tips. We'd love for you to drop by www.spacesaverscommunity.com and share how you keep your crafts organized or share your review about products you've used.

    Space Savers community correspondent

  13. Thanks for the great gift ideas!

  14. Great ideas! Thanks!

  15. love to cook and friends are always sayng they could "never" make the meals I serve, so for special occasions etc, I've started putting together little DIY recipe kits. I use a 7-Day pill sorter and custom stickers to make a little display for the premeasured spices, include the right amounts of pasta, rice, & side dishes etc. Print a recipe card to match and all they have to do is add the protein and serve!

  16. My mother and I use to make gift baskets all the time. Ones we have done are coffee lovers baskets and breakfast baskets with pancake mix real maple syrup and utensils. Hot tea baskets. Chocolate lovers. Fiesta baskets with different salsas. Homemade preserves basket with a loaf of homemade bread.

  17. Also, big Christmas mugs with individual hot chocolate packets, Hershey kisses, candy canes and a small scented votive candle wrapped in cellophane make a great gift for teachers and mail people.

  18. My mom has alot of adult children so she does a tote or wash basket filled with house hold supplies like dish soap homemade wash clothes a fleece blanket a few rolls of toilet paper and a toy or movie for each family she shops clearance sales through ouy the year to keep the cost down

  19. One year, I made an Italian-themed basket for Christmas for a couple that was a friend of my boyfriend's family. I bought a nice serving bowl at a closeout store and then filled it with dried pasta, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a good jar of sauce, and some chocolates from Aldi's. It cost less than $20. They loved it and my boyfriend's sisters wanted it for themselves even though their gifts were much more expensive.

  20. I like those cute cute bags.


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