A Very Fancy Nancy Purse Tutorial (Featured Guest Blogger)

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Hi! My name is Melissa and I am the crafty mama behind the blog Until Wednesday Calls. I am homemaker turned crafter. It all started with a need for my daughter Wednesday to have more handmade (vs. store bought) in her life. I picked up some vintage bed sheets and the rest is history! I am so very excited to be guest posting here at Every day mom Ideas. How fun! But I was torn as to what to do and suddenly I had crafter's block.

I Make stuff

You see I love to work with all sorts of materials. Like the barrettes in the top left corner. Those are made from denim scraps and a vintage bed sheet. And I am definitely not one to shy away from a papercraft challenge. Last year for valentine's Day I posted this tutorial for an embellished photo garland. I also am known around my hometown as the crazy hippie. So when I made these velour/recycled jersey wipes no one was surprised. Refashioning is easily one of my most favourite things to do in my craft room though. I love the recycling, making new out of old and I like to think it is where form meets practicality like in the patchwork skirt I made from a pair of jeans and yet another vintage bed sheet (Sensing a theme yet?) It also won Best Straight Skirt for Crafterhours Skirt Week contest this summer that just past.

So as you can see, when I was asked after posting the barrette tutorial to do a fresh tutorial for Everyday Mom Ideas I was overwhelmed by own idea book. But, necessity is the mother of invention yes? So when I whipped up this purse for a giveaway I had a couple weeks ago, it hit me! This was the how to I was looking for. Pretty, pink and super simple!

Pink Purse

Isn't it adorable?! I bet any little girl in your life would just love one! very Fancy Nancy what with the shiny handles and glittery fabric. Ready to make your own? Awesome!

2 pieces of fabric
8" of 1/2"elastic
2 Bangles
2 pieces of ribbon 1 1/2" square

And now for the modus operandi :

Fold and iron
sew trim
pin right sides
sew right sides
Trim seams
Fold down
Sew casing.
Insert elastic.
Sew elastic ends
Close elastic hole.
Turn out
Handle ribbon
Stitch handle ribbon
Finished Purse
Embellish with whatever you have/want. I am on a big singed flower kick right now. They are my go to embellishment, such a great way to use scarps of ribbon and broken necklaces!
Some detail shots. Who doesn't love some bling?!

Well kids that is it for today! I hope you enjoyed my post. Now go make something pretty! Thank you to Everyday Mom Ideas for having me I can't wait to come back!

A big thanks to Melissa! I only feature the most clever mommas I come across and Melissa is just that. If you haven't seen what she is crafting up at her blog yet you should definitely head over there and check it out. I am just crazy about her little hair clip tutorial its so simple and cute at the same time, whats not to love? She is always coming up with new and fun ideas to make.-Julia

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  2. thanks melissa, for the fun purse tutorial! i've got a hankering for a bag myself perhaps with some of that cool fringe on the bottom...

  3. What a sweet little purse! I like the way you added the text over the pics.


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