Mermaid Hair And Turning 16

3:46 PM

I spent a lovely week up in Idaho visiting an amazing family that is as close to me as my own. One of the girls in the family was having her sweet 16th birthday! And another one of the family members was coming home from living in Germany for a year and a half.
With a house filled with girls for a whole I couldn't have found a better time to try out these new hair tinsels from I had a purple and a gold package for us girls to try out.
So at about 10 pm we popped in "Barefoot In The Park" DVD and took turns putting these in each others hair. We had all kinds of hair length we ended up working on. I liked that it was easy to cut to any length and that the instructions came with photos to illustrate how to tie the extensions in. We quickly got the hang of it and in the morning our kids got a big kick out of it a one of them said we had mermaid hair which is quite the kid compliment. So far the hair tinsel has stayed in. We can wash, blow-dry and curl these fun "hair tinsel" as well. My favorite part was when we went to Bath and Body Works the next day and a employee there begged us to know where she could get some of the Hair Flairs we were wearing! I told her I was going to blog about her saying that.

Don't forget to stop by in November and keep a look out for this up coming Hair Flairs giveaway!

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  1. That looks like a blast!! I am going to keep that in mind next year for my halloween costume and do a Cher Mermaid dedication lol!! Kinda wish i lived in a house a girls lol; only boys for me though!

  2. Really!? Cute!!! I have never seen that before! My girls would LOVE it!


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