FREE Custom Blogger Header + Button Contest! ( 3 winners)

1:00 AM

Its finally here! Three creative contestants will win thier very own fully custom blogger header with matching button (includes button image with grab box  html code)!

To check out my previous work with headers and buttons check out the last contest designs here.

Headers and buttons are fully customizable, colors, style, photos, and even custom characters that I can make to look like you or people of your choosing. You will also get two button images that you can use for profile pictures on twitter or face book ad page 175x175 and a 125x125. I will also create an html code for your side bar: your button with a grab box. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Your header and button will be edited until you are happy with the results. I am also offering a 5 year satisfaction guarantee to the winners. If and any time and for any reason the winner would like to edit the header or button in any way it will be of no charge during that five years.

Here is how to enter to win:

All you have to do is answer this one question:
 Why do you want to win this contest?
Now, here is the catch... You've got to get creative! 
The most creative answers win!

-Ideas to get you inspired: Poems, Essays, Artwork, Videos, Photos, Blog Crafts,Posts...ect!
Here is a link to the last contest winners for you to check out. June Contest Winners

  • Submit your entry by commenting below or emailing me subject line- Contest Entry. You can post links along with your comments here to enter if you need to.

    • -Contest Ends October 31st at Midnight mountain standard time.

    • -Open to All

      Congratulations to Lyndee,  
    • Falyn & Joyanne,  

    • and 

  •  Lauren @ten23designs

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    1. Why do I want to win?
      (insert musical beat in your head now)...
      Now I'll tell you why I want
      why I really really want.
      Now go on over and take a look,
      World's most boring backdrop in the books.
      A custom new header and a button,
      Would spuce up Henrichsenheroes da-ton.

      You wait and see--one day this groveling song or rap or whatever will be a piece in history. ;D

    2. This is inspired by my daughter's favorite Halloween poem and in Celebration of the beautiful season of Autumn:

      "There were FIVE little bloggers sitting on a gate,
      The first one said "My blog header is SO great!"
      The second one (this one is me)said "O, mine simply doesn't compare!"
      The third one said, "But we won't stare."
      The fourth one (me again)said, "How I want a pretty one!"
      The fifth one said, "Enter Everyday Mom Ideas blogger header contest before it's done."

      Then Whooooooo went the hard drive,
      And out went the lights!

      And the five little bloggers all said "goodnight!"

      I would adore an original blog header and button for my blog, "A Life Filled with Joy." All the little bloggers thinks it's a good idea:) Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    3. Oh how I would like a new blog header! I've tried and tried to come up with something witty, but it seems I've lost all of my creativity! Instead, I've talked and talked to my man about creating a new blog header if I can. He's so tired of listening to my woes, you'd save his ears if it was me you chose!!

      I'd love to win! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    4. Scene: A crafting studio on the Westside of Jacksonville

      Setting: Mid-Morning / Cool Breezey day

      Tune: My Favorite Things

      Blogs with fun headers with captivating titles and photos

      Buttons that add a special touch and add bling...

      Headers that grab a readers attention and always take us back to the main page...

      These are a few of my favorite blog things

      When the page stalls
      When the link doesnt work
      When my pc lags...
      I simply remember my favorite blog things
      And then I don't feel so bad.

    5. I want to win because headers make the blog, and I would love a new one! :)


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