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Do you want to know a secret? 
I'm actually quite new at blog designing. Ive re-design my blog so many times in the past year and a half and just finally got it the way I like it... for now. I went on to design my sisters site soon after and got a huge taste for it and wanted more so...

Back in June of this month I held my first contest. The prize: a fully custom header and button! And we had all kinds of fun responses. Four of the most creative responses won. 
With me slaving away for are the results...
This winner wanted bright colors with a dominant scrapbook look. She even went as far as putting together a collection of other blog headers she'd had been admiring to inspire me. This was the quickest to make header and button. 

I spent the most time on this header. This is an army family if you haven't already guessed it and I wanted to do my country proud. The winner wanted to combine illustrated characters of each member of her family and combine it with a treasured photo of theirs. I was like " Oh my goodness! What have I done to myself. How in the world am I going to pull that off." All I can say is thank goodness inspiration came to me.

With this one I was inspired right off the bat. I had originally thought about putting characters of her twins behind a bunch of shopping bags but then I wanted it to reflect her giveaway/review type blog. And It finally came to me that I should put them peeking out behind a load of packages! By the way, I have a thing for getting packages in the mail. It feel like Christmas every time for me. So in a way, I dream of picturing my self in these twins shoes.

I originally came up with the header on top  for nets notes and I just found myself so disappointed in myself. My husband thought it was cute and wanted me to be done with it but I decided to see if I could do better. And bingo! 
Through patience with myself and putting my kids to bed early I was able to make something I was proud of. And I just have to say that Net from nets notes has quickly tuned into a dear bloggy friend of mine. She has become so supportive and encouraging of my blog and the work that I do.

I'm so grateful for all these experiences, I have learned so much and feel honored to have created these for these lovely ladies. Each one of them are so special to me. I got to see a little bit more into each of their lives weather from having to make characters out of them and coming to know their faces like the back of my hand or learning their kind of style and personality so I could try and reflect that into the design... I feel a little bit closer to each of them and wish them much success and happiness.

October Header + button contest!
That's right! The last one went so well I doing it again!
3 creative contestants will win their very own custom header and button!
The headers are fully customizable. The buttons come not only come with two image sizes but I will also create a html code that has a html code box beneath so your readers can easily add your button to their blog.
So stop by October 1st to enter to win. To enter you have to creatively answer this questions :What is your blog all about? The most creative answers win. 

Here is a link to the winners of the last header and button contest to get your creative juices flowing.

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  1. I love that army banner (as I'm an Army wife myself). Have you ever done a tutorial or have you ever linked on (or would you?) on how to make cartoon people for banners? I see people having cartoon people in their blog banners that resemble them and always wonder how or where they get it as if there maybe be some sort of dolly generator somewhere! Or did you do yours from scratch? Nonetheless props to you. I love what you do here on your blog!

    PS - I have used your deer kit for my blog layout and received many compliments on it since! I will be crediting you for the scrapbook stuffs on there - I do plan to asap.

  2. I love the headers that you made! Now, I think you need to teach a class so that we can all learn how to make our own! You do such a good job, seriously!

  3. Awe, you are so sweet! Yes, you are a wonderful bloggy friend...and for the record we liked your first design a lot...but fell in love at first site with the second!

  4. Hi. Just found your blog via Top Mommy Blogs. Great work. I am starting to get into blog design. I know how you feel about working on getting your blog how you like it. I am still not sure mine is exactly how I like it. I wonder if this is becaues I am seeing more and more blogs and changing what I like. Please come by and check out my blog.


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